The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Videos & Trailers

6/22/2011: While Beleram cannot be tamed or owned, his strength can be called upon to save the North of Middle-earth.
5/6/2011: Shawn Stahl, Designer at Snowblind Studios, walks you through the game level set in the mountains of Gundabad.
3/24/2011: This trailer is narrated by Snowblind Studio designer Zack Peterson, who details the masses of enemies awaiting players in Middle-earth and the game's Heroic Mode.
2/1/2011: Lurking in a yet unseen and unexplored theatre of Middle-earth, foul sorcerer Agandaûr - twisted descendant of the Black Númenórean - joins forces with Sauron in his assault on Rohan and Gondor.