Red Faction: Armageddon Videos & Trailers

5/26/2011: Take on me, take me on…
5/18/2011: Get a look behind the scenes as the actors behind the game characters are motion captured.
5/3/2011: Mars' deadliest weapon in action.
4/25/2011: A proper bolt of plasma can penetrate objects with destructive force while unleashing multiple explosions along its firing path.
4/25/2011: The focused "beam" from which the weapon derives its name was focused into a "laser" of matter that worked best against vehicles or slower moving troops with heavy armor, though it could be turned on personnel in a pinch.
4/24/2011: A look at the game's Infestation co-op mode.
4/11/2011: When only a black hole will do…
4/11/2011: The old standby…
4/7/2011: Born a Marauder, Kara is a hard-nosed smuggler who knows both the streets and the world of science.
3/28/2011: It's smashing time!
3/11/2011: Introducing Ruin, Red Faction: Armageddon's mode dedicated to pure destructive mayhem.
1/24/2011: Gameplay action straight from THQ's Gamers' Week