Red Faction: Armageddon Videos & Trailers

The old standby…
Gameplay action straight from THQ's Gamers' Week
A look at the game's Infestation co-op mode.
Born a Marauder, Kara is a hard-nosed smuggler who knows both the streets and the world of science.
Get a look behind the scenes as the actors behind the game characters are motion captured.
Mars' deadliest weapon in action.
A proper bolt of plasma can penetrate objects with destructive force while unleashing multiple explosions along its firing path.
The focused "beam" from which the weapon derives its name was focused into a "laser" of matter that worked best against vehicles or slower moving troops with heavy armor, though it could be turned on personnel in a pinch.
Introducing Ruin, Red Faction: Armageddon's mode dedicated to pure destructive mayhem.
When only a black hole will do…
Take on me, take me on…
It's smashing time!