Tchia Videos

3/14/2023: Take a break from saving your island to dive deep into the ocean and climb to the mountaintop.
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3/9/2023: Tchia, armed with her trusty slingshot and her unique soul-jumping ability, must evade her foes and burn up the evil Maano for good.
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3/7/2023: Harness the powers of Tchia’s magical ukulele with just a few strums.
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2/23/2023: When her father is abducted and her home is taken over by Meavorar, Tchia embarks on a grand adventure to save them.
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2/2/2023: A journey around New Caledonia, the inspiration behind Tchia’s tropical world.
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1/9/2023: Discover the unique fauna, flora, and the landmarks that have inspired Tchia's open-world archipelago.
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12/8/2022: Founded by two childhood friends from New Caledonia, Awaceb is a small, 9-person Montreal-based studio creating a big adventure. Tchia takes inspiration from all aspects of New Caledonian culture, from folklore and traditions to landscapes filled with recreations of iconic landmarks, biomes and local fauna.
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8/31/2022: Game Director Phil Crifo guides you through a typical day in Tchia.
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