Lost Ark Videos & Trailers

1/10/2023: Work with Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer and Triss to uncover the mystery of the mystifying, interdimensional vortex disrupting the festivities of White Wolf Haven Island.
5/17/2022: The Destined for Destruction update will introduce the new Destroyer Advanced Class, a Legion Raid, the Deskaluda Guardian Raid, and more.
1/7/2022: Learn the story of Arkesia and about your mission there.
12/9/2021: Explore the massive world of Arkesia on February 11, 2022.
12/7/2021: The battle for Arkesia continues to rage. The demons never tire. The Lost Ark needs to be found to restore piece. The Gunner brings his armory, laying waste to the evil that threatens our world. With his firepower, a Warrior's fury, the Martial Artist's power, the Sorceress' magick, and the hunt of the Assassin Arkesia may survive. Your adventure awaits.
12/2/2021: As Arkesia burns the Sorceress is summoned. She faces the fires and fury, channeling her magick and wins the battle, but the war still rages.
12/2/2021: These mystical conjurers tap into the ancient magic of Arkesia to cast deadly spells on evil forces, heal the wounded, or support allies.
11/30/2021: The Shadowhunter knows how to channel her inner demons. She hunts in the darkness; driving those that hide into the light. But she can't do it alone, she needs the others to save Arkesia.
11/24/2021: The Wardancer's path is solitary. She pushes herself beyond the limits of the mortal realm. She knows what it takes to save Arkesia. She will stop at nothing to find The Lost Ark.
11/17/2021: Armed with his greatsword, the Berserker sets out to face a legion of demons. His blade is steady, his resolve strong; nothing will come between him and The Lost Ark.
11/10/2021: As the world begins to fall into chaos; The Lost Ark calls out. The Berkserker, the Wardancer, the Shadowhunter, and the Artillerist come together to battle Kazeros’ demons. This gathering of champions may be the only hope for Arkesia.
8/24/2021: Whether wielding high-tech weapons or bows and arrows that never jam, keep an eagle eye on these sharpshooters or they may even hit you with their worst shot.
8/12/2021: These quick-footed fighters like to rush the enemy with combined attacks at lethal speeds that can only be described as breakneck.
7/29/2021: These mysterious melee-makers fight demonic with demonic, channeling the dark powers in the name of the light in quick, colorful attacks.
7/7/2021: Warriors are the powerhouses of Arkesia. They may not be the most nimble, so they stand their ground and make up for mobility with cataclysmic impact.
6/10/2021: Fight against hordes of enemies, colossal bosses, and dark forces seeking the power of the Ark.