WWE 2K22 Videos

7/19/2022: The Whole Dam Pack includes Machine Gun Kelly, Logan Paul, and Rob Van Dam.
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6/28/2022: Doink the Clown enters the ring.
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6/7/2022: Have no fear, citizen, The Hurricane is here.
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4/26/2022: The Banzai Pack features WWE Legends Yokozuna and Rikishi, “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga, current Raw Superstar Omos, and rising NXT star Kacy Catanzaro.
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3/2/2022: Relive Rey Mysterio’s career in 2K Showcase, and experience the journey of a WWE Superstar in MyRISE.
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2/22/2022: Machine Gun Kelly will both produce WWE 2K22's soundtrack and appear in the game as a playable character.
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2/2/2022: Creative Director Lynell Jinks, Art Producer Christina Diem Pham, Principal Designer Jason Vandiver, Senior Producer Jonathan Rivera, and Senior Designer Derek Donahue provide commentary as a full WWE 2K22 match plays out, pitting cover Superstar Rey Mysterio against emerging phenom Damian Priest.
Ringside Report #1: Gameplay Deep Dive Thumbnail
1/29/2022: Featuring a slew of WWE Superstars and Legends laying the smack down on their opponents.
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1/20/2022: Rey Mysterio has held multiple championships across his storied career, performing in his own unique style and wearing an array of colorful and iconic masks, proving that “The Ultimate Underdog” hits different.
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11/18/2021: A deep dive into the top ten new features coming in WWE 2K22.
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4/10/2021: WWE returns in 2022.
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