Battlefield 2042 Videos & Trailers

11/21/2022: Specialist and security expert Rasheed Zain is adept at flushing foes out of cover with his XM370A Airburst Rifle. Zain’s perseverance under pressure and his ability to immediately recharge his health after taking out an enemy can be seen in action.
11/17/2022: Come face to face with the enemy in the northern Swedish.
10/6/2022: Join the Dark Market's hit squad.
6/7/2022: Zero Hour introduces a new Specialist, Ewelina Lis, and the Exposure map which is set in the Canadian Rockies.
11/11/2021: Battlefield 2042's M5C Bolte is a (road) killing machine.
11/3/2021: An explanation of the customization options and content available in Battlefield Portal and a look into the Battlefield Builder tool.
10/28/2021: A first look at the Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded maps.
10/21/2021: Get your first look at the first reveal of the five remaining Specialists of the ten available at launch.
10/14/2021: Battlefield Hazard Zone is a four-player squad-focused survival experience mode.
8/12/2021: A look at what started the No-Pat Civil War.
7/22/2021: Change the rules of war.
6/9/2021: Adapt and overcome in a near-future world transformed by disorder.