Battlefield 2042 Videos & Trailers

6/7/2022: Zero Hour introduces a new Specialist, Ewelina Lis, and the Exposure map which is set in the Canadian Rockies.
11/11/2021: Battlefield 2042's M5C Bolte is a (road) killing machine.
11/3/2021: An explanation of the customization options and content available in Battlefield Portal and a look into the Battlefield Builder tool.
10/28/2021: A first look at the Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded maps.
10/21/2021: Get your first look at the first reveal of the five remaining Specialists of the ten available at launch.
10/14/2021: Battlefield Hazard Zone is a four-player squad-focused survival experience mode.
8/12/2021: A look at what started the No-Pat Civil War.
7/22/2021: Change the rules of war.
6/9/2021: Adapt and overcome in a near-future world transformed by disorder.