World of Warcraft Classic Videos & Trailers

1/19/2023: A new threat rises in the snowy mountain fortress of Uldua.
6/30/2022: Level designers Ely Cannon, Sarah Boulian-Verrall, and Aaron Keller take you on a journey through Northrend to show what it takes to bring an icebound world to life.
1/19/2022: Lead Cinematic Narrative Designer Terran Gregory takes us behind the scenes of the original Black Temple trailer from 2007. The Black Temple trailer was the first World of Warcraft video project for Terran, who joined Blizzard in 2006.
11/16/2021: WoW Classic gets reset back to the beginning.
5/6/2021: Return to Outland in June.
2/19/2021: The Dark Portal reopens once more.
8/21/2019: Original WoW game designers Alex Afrasiabi, Tom Chilton, Jeff Kaplan, Pat Nagle, and Aaron Keller group up in World of Warcraft Classic and discuss their fondest memories developing the game.