Expeditions: Rome Videos & Trailers

1/18/2022: Chalkedon must fall! The city dared to stand up against the Roman Empire and this cannot go unpunished! Legio Victrix has laid siege to the city and is preparing for an assault.
1/14/2022: This proud warrior woman of Scythia was enslaved and sold to be trained as a gladiator. She will join you in exchange for her freedom – but she has unfinished business with her captors.
1/14/2022: Your personal servant and teacher, the Greek philosopher has known you since you were a child. But the old man is surprisingly deadly in a fight. What hidden secrets lie buried in his past?
1/14/2022: After a long and illustrious career in the arenas of Rome, this fighter of beasts finally earned his freedom. But what is a free man to do when all he knows is combat?
1/14/2022: This self-sufficient speculatrix fled Rome to join the legion disguised as a man. Her talent for stealth and deception made her a natural for espionage.
1/14/2022: A veteran of many wars, Caeso is the consummate Roman legionary and loyal to a fault. He will hold off an army of barbarians alone if his Legatus commands it.
12/20/2021: The Roman Empire was built on military power.
12/7/2021: Become the Legatus of a Roman legion and lead your troops to battle in January.