Monster Hunter Rise Videos & Trailers

4/19/2023: The Looming Calamity, Amatsu, has set its gaze on Kamura Village.
2/1/2023: A frigid force of nature few scientists have ever seen is making its way to the Frost Islands.
8/9/2022: A hunter's work is never done.
8/9/2022: New info on free Title Update 1, including a look at Lucent Nargacuga, Seething Bazelgeuse, and more.
6/28/2022: Shagaru Magala, Furious Rajang, and Scorned Magnamalo return.
3/15/2022: Team up with the Knights of the Royal Order and face the biggest threats yet: Garangolm, Lunagaron, and Malzeno.
1/6/2022: Monster Hunter Rise arrives on PC with a whole set of screen filters.
4/27/2021: Take on the Elder Dragons Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Chameleos.