Hyper Scape Videos & Trailers

3/11/2021: Despite Prisma Dimensions’ assurances that everything is under control, strange anomalies continue to plague Neo Arcadia. The mysterious floating structures that appeared after the Blackout have coalesced into a temple that floats high above the city skyline.
2/25/2021: Strange anomalies continue to plague Neo-Arcadia. Contenders are arrested for seemingly no reason while Basilisk gets closer to discovering the truth and the power hidden in the massive template that now dominates the city's skyline.
1/28/2021: Join Takeshi’s TDM Party to claim new loot.
12/15/2020: Winter has come to Hyper Scape bringing snow, snowboards, and robotic nutcrackers.
10/20/2020: Halloween takes over Neo Arcadia.
10/6/2020: Battle through Neo Arcadia in the wake of the devastating blackout, and fight to uncover the truth behind the Hyper Scape.
10/6/2020: Season 2 introduces a new 100-tier Battle Pass of outfits, weapon designs, emotes, and more.
9/11/2020: All gear is at the maximum fusion level and health regenerates faster. Can your squad keep calm as sectors collapse rapidly?
8/11/2020: Hyper Scape Season One also includes new customization items through its Battle Pass.
7/30/2020: Launch day brings the launch of Season 1.
7/12/2020: Join the Hyper Scape open beta on PC.
7/12/2020: The Hyper Scape is waiting.
7/2/2020: Want to become a champion of the Hyper Scape?
7/2/2020: Meet the team behind Hyper Scape as they discuss building a free-to-play battle royale experience.
7/2/2020: Hyper Scape is a free-to-play urban battle royale shooter set in the sprawling virtual city of Neo Arcadia.