Wasteland 3 Videos & Trailers

8/24/2021: Venture into the Cheyenne Mountain complex to take possession of a power source that could make Colorado Springs into an electrified utopia, or a smoking crater. It’s up to the Rangers how they’ll handle this radioactive situation.
6/9/2021: Deliveries from Steeltown have stopped cold, and all the Patriarch is getting from Steeltown's leader are excuses.
8/28/2020: The end is just beginning.
6/12/2020: The diverse and warped factions of Wasteland 3 fight for power in the savage frozen wastes of post-apocalyptic Colorado. Who will survive?
5/26/2020: Will you recruit slightly unhinged party members? How prone are you to killing your problems? And how are you going to deal with oil kingpins who pray to President Reagan?
5/18/2020: What you can do to customize your party before braving a frozen tundra packed with unpredictable locals.
8/19/2019: The Patriarch of Colorado summons the Desert Rangers to his land and warns of the dangers they'll encounter. With their home state of Arizona in dire need of the aid the Patriarch is offering, the Rangers have no choice but to brave the frozen wasteland, deal with the cults and gangs that inhabit it, and hope the Patriarch will stay true to his word.
6/12/2019: Wasteland 3 trades the dry, dusty heat of the American southwest for the frozen badlands of Colorado.