Humankind Videos & Trailers

11/9/2022: See the world in a new light and manage conflicts differently with new gameplay features focused on diplomacy and espionage.
6/9/2022: Six new cultures, Caralans, Nazca, TaĆ­no, Inca, Argentinians, and Cubans, come to Humankind.
1/11/2022: Cultures of Africa includes 6 African cultures and 5 new wonders for you to build and discover.
11/3/2021: Humankind is celebrating Dia de los Muertos for the entire month of November.
8/17/2021: Combine cultures through six different eras to become the most famous empire in history.
8/9/2021: Just how big is Humankind?
4/1/2021: Disputes with other empires don't always have to be settled in battle.
2/25/2021: Art of War gives you the basics of battle in Humankind.
1/22/2021: In Humankind all civilizations will be represented by an avatar, and you will be able to customize its look and behavior.
9/4/2020: In each game you'll be able to create and determine your society's religion. Volatile at first, religions will evolve over the course of the game, typically consolidating into large blocks. Civics and event choices along the way will determine how religion fits into your society, including religious rights and the treatment of non-believers and religious minorities.
7/23/2020: What structure will your government have? Will your military have conscripts or professional soldiers? Will land ownership be Inherited or Communal? You may not be able to change these things in the real world, but these are the decisions that you will be making to shape your society in Humankind.
7/9/2020: Humankind immerses you in the unique soundscapes of 11 different biomes that make up the Earth's terrain.
4/23/2020: How would you tackle creating the music for a game that features 60 different cultures?
4/3/2020: As you transition through the eras, you will be able to choose a new culture, or else transcend as your current culture. Each culture has an emblematic unit and quarter that only they can produce, a special skill related to their affinity, and a legacy trait that your civilization will keep forever.
3/14/2020: What it means to lay claim to territories in Humankind, how to grow and expand your cities, and how to use city management to adapt to the world around you.
2/20/2020: Rolling hills, barren flatlands, snowy, and impassible mountains, alook at the land, vegetation and wildlife that bring the world of Humankind to life.
2/6/2020: Combine cultures through six different eras to build a civilization as unique as you are.
12/13/2019: How far will you push Humankind?