New World Videos & Trailers

5/26/2022: Step into the new 3x3 PvP Arena.
5/20/2022: The development team covers PvP Arenas and PvP Reward Track, new Varangian Knights quests, The Depths Mutator and other new mutations, and upcoming events.
4/18/2022: The New World developer team discusses quality of life updates, upcoming events, new PvP activities, 3v3 Arenas, and answer top questions from the community.
3/30/2022: Explore the depths of Isabella‚Äôs Lair as you go deeper inside her corrupted mind.
3/2/2022: Heart of Madness includes a new dungeon, the blunderbuss weapon, and more.
1/25/2022: Five developers take on Dynasty Shipyard Mutation Level Four.
7/20/2021: Enter the haunted wilderness of Aeternum.
5/11/2021: Enter a five player dungeon set at a notorious dig site where a famed archaeologist and his team were last seen alive after they unearthed an ancient technology.
6/13/2020: A look at the game's player-versus-player combat.
12/13/2019: The Ancients knew how to harness the power of Azoth.
12/13/2019: Aeternum is rich in a powerful substance known as Azoth.
12/13/2019: Legend has led generations of explorers to the supernatural frontier known as Aeternum. Rich in a powerful substance known as Azoth, which many believe to be the source of eternal life, Aeternum has beckoned both the pure of heart and the wicked to its shores.