Iron Harvest Videos & Trailers

12/18/2020: The story of Rusviet Tsar Nikolai and his mysterious counselor Rasputin.
9/1/2020: War breaks out in an alternate, diesel-punk 1920s Europe.
8/31/2020: The Republic of Polania is an agricultural state that finds itself in the middle when Rusviet and Saxony mobilize their armies.
8/20/2020: At the dawn of the 20th century, shortly after the end of the Great War, Polania, Saxony, and Rusviet find themselves in a deepening conflict.
8/14/2020: Having a history of being one of the most influential countries in Europe, the proud Saxony Empire is facing challenging times with its elites and aristocrats feeling humiliated after World War I. With wounded pride, but massive mechs, the Saxony Empire is driven to regain their honor on the battlefield.
7/24/2020: A glimpse of the three factions - Polania, Saxony, and Rusviet - as they ready their giant war machines to go into battle across Europe following the aftermath of the first World War.
8/21/2019: Iron Harvest is set in an alternate 1920s reality, just after the end of the Great War.