One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Videos

3/28/2024: Gol D. Roger, Silvers Rayleigh, and Monkey D. Garp join the roster.
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9/15/2023: The Battle of Onigashima Pack is now available for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4.
The Battle of Onigashima Pack Trailer Thumbnail
9/24/2020: Add X. Drake, Killer, and Erouge to your pirate crew.
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7/21/2020: The Whole Cake Island Pack adds three new characters: Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Cracker of the Three Sweet Commanders, and Germa 66 supreme commander Vinsmoke Judge.
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3/24/2020: Prepare to set sail with Luffy and his merry band of pirates.
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3/16/2020: Get ready to set sail with 40 playable characters.
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2/20/2020: The Siena Wind Orchestra was formed in 1990 and is recognized as one of Japan's flagship orchestras as well as one of the largest professional wind orchestras in the world. Watch the orchestra perform music featured in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4.
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1/28/2020: Unleash powerful moves with your pirate crew.
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12/18/2019: Big Mom stands just shy of 29 feet tall and is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates. Her specialty is controlling the weather by the power of Zeus and Prometheus and she is considered one of the four most powerful pirates in the world. Kaido is the Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates and is also considered one of the four most powerful pirates in the world. His specialty is transforming into a dragon and destroying enemies with powerful wide-range attacks, making him a formidable foe.
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11/25/2019: A new original story from the Land of Wano will be told in March.
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9/11/2019: Welcome to Wano Country.
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7/8/2019: Luffy is going on another adventure.
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