Stronghold: Warlords Videos & Trailers

3/2/2021: Meet the AI Lords who will be your opponents.
1/29/2021: Team up to share control of a single castle.
10/16/2020: Designer Stephen Richards and series creator Simon Bradbury discuss the improvements made to AI behavior in Stronghold: Warlords.
9/30/2020: A look at the Ninja, Warrior Monk, and Imperial and Auxiliary Cavalry units.
9/2/2020: A first look at the Japanese single player campaign following Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
7/16/2020: Senior Programmer Matt Smith walks through 40 minutes of gameplay.
7/2/2020: Use caged tigers, gunpowder traps, front line barricades, and more to protect your castle.
6/19/2020: Design a castle using near unlimited resources, customize its defenses, and launch wave after wave of invasions to put your creation to the test.
5/15/2020: Samurai charge down enemies foolish enough to stand in their way, while the heavy mace-wielding Imperial Guardsman will make a serious dent in any enemy siege force.
4/9/2020: Stronghold: Warlords will balance explosive siege weapons inspired by Chinese, Korean, and Mongolian history with fan favorites from past Stronghold games.
3/14/2020: A developer playthrough giving you an in-depth look at a full mission from the game.
2/24/2020: A first look at the game's six mission bonus economic campaign, Path of Peace.
2/14/2020: Fire ox, laddermen, and catapults are featured in this episode.
12/18/2019: Senior Programmer Matt Smith answers over 80 community questions.
8/29/2019: Get a look at gameplay from the PAX West playable demo.
6/11/2019: Besiege Great Khans, Imperial warlords, and Shogun commanders in Stronghold: Warlords.