Team Sonic Racing Videos & Trailers

12/12/2019: Sonic returns to the iconic locale, Chao Gardens, where he encounters a sleepwalking Chao and bravely embarks on an epic interstellar battle. Brought to you by the team behind the web series Sonic Mania Adventures and Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive.
5/17/2019: The race has started!
4/2/2019: Sonic and friends cruise through the Sonic Universe.
3/21/2019: Japanese electronic music artist Toriena and Sonic Team Sound Director, Jun Senoue, collaborate on remixed version of the song "Bingo Party" from the 2003 game Sonic Heroes.
3/18/2019: Team Sonic, Team Rose, and Team Dark face off at Wisp Circuit.
3/18/2019: Customize your cart just the way that you like it.
2/1/2019: Sonic Team Sound Director, Jun Senoue, along with Act. on drums and Takeshi Taneda on bass, showcase the team's creative process as they play tracks from the game.
11/8/2018: Takashi Iizuka gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Team Sonic Racing at Tokyo Game Show.
8/7/2018: Race together and win together.
6/11/2018: A sneak peek at Team Sonic Racing in action with music by Crush 40.