The Surge 2 Videos & Trailers

1/8/2020: On the outskirts of Jericho City, enter the VBS Krakow, a massive decommissioned aircraft carrier retrofitted as a retreat for the rich and famous.
9/20/2019: Try to survive in a harsh, sci-fi, dystopian world.
9/16/2019: Dismantle your foes with elegant efficiency.
9/13/2019: Welcome to Jericho City where nano-cultists run rampant through the streets, harvesting everything they can from the environment for their mysterious ends.
8/28/2019: Target specific parts of your enemies' bodies and slice off the tech that you need to upgrade your exo-rig.
8/19/2019: A developer run-down on everything from lore to how best to extract the parts you need from your enemies.
7/31/2019: Challenges to overcome, equipment to loot and upgrade, and threats to survive.
6/27/2019: Adam Hetenyi, Head of Game Design at Deck13 Interactive, shows new levels and the game's combat.
6/10/2019: Inside the high walls of Jericho city, trapped in a technological apocalypse that threatens to consume everyone within, our hero fights to survive and uncover the truth of the disaster.
8/22/2018: Devious mercenaries called The Hunters roam an artificial, man-made forest, searching for a powerful creature. Beware their traps, their cunning cloaking devices, and most of all, the out-of-control former park guardians.