Total War: Three Kingdoms Videos & Trailers

12/4/2018: Dynasties and nobility mean nothing to Zheng Jiang, who sees her strength and merciless fury as a sign of her destiny.
9/27/2018: Lead armies of bandits, zealots, and commoners in a crusade to topple the corrupt Han Dynasty and forge a new future for the people of China.
8/16/2018: The Ambush of Sun Ren sees the player commanding the children of Sun Jian and their retinues, defending against waves of incoming heroes and warriors in a desperate bid for survival.
8/13/2018: In this time of chaos, the heavens shine on warlord Sun Jian, The Tiger of Jiangdong, when he finds the fabled Imperial Seal: a legendary artefact said to find its way to the true emperor.
6/8/2018: Lu Bu sits in Xiapi, isolated, and the legendary commander Cao Cao sees an opportunity to strike and take Lu Bu down before his strength becomes too great.
6/6/2018: Cao Cao will be the leader of choice for players who prefer a "divide and conquer" approach.
1/10/2018: It is 190CE and China is in turmoil.