Attack on Titan 2 Videos & Trailers

7/5/2019: Follow the Season 3 storyline across three different timelines: the Scout Regiment, 104th Cadet Corps, and the Warriors.
3/14/2019: Taking place during Attack on Titan Season 3's timeline, Final Battle's Story mode plays through selected characters' points of view with major heroes active in Season 3.
3/20/2018: Fly into battle against devastating titanic foes.
3/15/2018: Experience the chaotic battles against Titans through the eyes of a custom created Scout.
3/2/2018: Get a first-look at Annihilation Mode, a 4v4 mode where Scouts compete for the highest score by defeating Titans and capturing bases.
3/2/2018: Fight alongside Eren and Mikasa against swarms of Titans to rescue your squad mates from peril.
12/4/2017: Titan's attack and reveal the game's release date.
11/16/2017: New combat mechanics on display.