Code Vein Videos

3/25/2020: Lord of Thunder gives you access to a new area within The Depths where the terrifying Lord of Thunder boss awaits.
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9/27/2019: The inevitable battle against the Successors has begun.
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9/26/2019: Revenants, preparedfor battle.
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9/11/2019: The Successor of the Claw is a formidable feline foe not easily defeated. Brandishing an enormous blade and searing claws, it can pounce around the battlefield with terrifying agility, all while dishing out lightning-quick swipes and slashes. The Successor of the Claw's weapon mastery doesn't end there, as its powerful blazing shuriken can slice through the air to attack from range. Revenants be warned - the Successor of the Claw can also unleash a devastating explosive lunge across the battlefi
Successor of the Claw Boss Trailer Thumbnail
9/4/2019: Face the insatiable giant monster's flurry of attacks and the monumental power of its multiple deadly weapons.
Insatiable Despot Boss Battle Trailer Thumbnail
8/21/2019: The Butterfly of Delirium proves that two heads are better than one as her graceful wings hide a monstrous second set of jaws, capable of attacking players at any moment. She is also able to strike from a distance by emitting deadly spores for damaging area-of-effect attacks.
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8/21/2019: New Code Vein game footage revealed at gamescom 2019.
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8/8/2019: A leader at heart, Eva Roux is a character that you can partner up with to defeat your enemies.
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7/17/2019: The Invading Executioner utilizes her scythe for swift attacks with rhythmic precision. She is also capable of harnessing the element of water for devastating area-of-effect attacks and to close the distance between herself and the player.
Invading Executioner Boss Trailer Thumbnail
7/12/2019: Meet Jack Rutherford, a ruthless revenant with a swagger all his own.
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7/8/2019: Will you rise up and battle the Lost?
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7/2/2019: Fight off the Lost with your "Partner" at your side.
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6/27/2019: This Wolf-like creature hits hard with elemental attacks and deadly chains.
Successor of the Ribcage Boss Trailer Thumbnail
6/10/2019: Fight to survive or become one of the the Lost.
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5/30/2019: The dev team reveals their inspirations in creating Code Vein.
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7/6/2018: Help Louis in his quest to restore the world.
Character Trailer: Louis Thumbnail
7/4/2018: Armed with his Hounds Blood Veil, Yakumo will thrash anyone who gets in his way.
Character Trailer: Yakumo Shionome Thumbnail
6/11/2018: They say the most dangerous weapon is the one you don't see coming.
Blood Veil Trailer #4 - Ivy Thumbnail
6/9/2018: Beware the Hounds, these terrifying Blood Veil weapons will rip apart any enemy that it sinks it's teeth into.
Blood Veil Trailer #3 - Hounds Thumbnail
6/8/2018: Beware of the sinister Stinger.
Blood Veil Trailer #2 - Stinger Thumbnail
6/8/2018: True to its name, Ogre demolishes your enemies with power and sheer force.
Blood Veil Trailer #1 - Ogre Thumbnail
6/5/2018: Venture into the land of Code Vein in September.
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4/12/2018: Steel yourself Revenant, the Lost will not go easy into the darkness.
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12/18/2017: The opening music and animation for the game.
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6/11/2017: In the not too distant future, a mysterious disaster has brought collapse to the world as we know it.
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