Prey Videos & Trailers

12/6/2018: It's a coffee mug! It's a toilet paper roll! No, it's your friend playing as a Mimic whose sole purpose is to stalk and destroy you!
9/4/2018: Six new Operator skins inspired by indie game titles.
8/7/2018: Blood Moon is the third free content update for Prey: Mooncrash.
7/25/2018: The second free update for Prey: Mooncrash includes new weapon skins, Operators, and Mimics.
7/9/2018: The Full Moon update includes Skyrim Theme Operator, The Evil Within Theme Operator, Striped Top Hat Mimic, Bamboo Hat Mimic, Engraved Silenced Pistol, Engraved Shotgun, Engraved G.L.O.O. Cannon, and Engraved Wrench.
6/11/2018: Fight overwhelming odds to escape the secret TranStar moon base where the enemies you encounter, the hazards you face, the goals you complete, and the loot you collect are different each time you play.
5/3/2017: When you awaken aboard the Talos I space station, you that find you are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever ? but things have gone terribly wrong.
4/19/2017: Talos I is full of secrets to discover and poses a unique threat all by itself.
4/4/2017: This video from the archives of the TranStar Hardware Lab focuses on some of the items built on-board Talos I that you'll have at your disposal.
3/30/2017: The Neuromod doesn't just enhance your human abilities ? strength, speed, hacking skills and more ? it also gives you unique abilities that have been learned from the hostile Typhon aliens aboard Talos I.
3/29/2017: Get a look at some of the powers you can use against the deadly Typhon.
3/28/2017: This video shows some of the unique ways you can combine your weapons, tools, and abilities to take down the Typhon aliens.
3/23/2017: Who exactly are you? What powers, abilities and weapons can you wield? What other choices will you make? And who else is aboard Talos I?
3/17/2017: You find yourself trapped in space, being hunted by an enemy you don?t understand.
3/16/2017: Watch this video from the archives of TranStarCorporation?s Typhon Research Team to learn more about the alien force that has infested the space station.
2/28/2017: Learn more about the music, aliens, and powers featured in Prey.
2/24/2017: One of the first alien powers you'll learn is Mimic Matter, which allows you to take the form of just about any appropriately sized object aboard Talos I.
1/25/2017: An alien-infested space station. Badass weapons and powers. And... Yu.
10/18/2016: In the years since TranStar took over, the station has been used as the testing ground for some morally dubious experiments.
10/11/2016: Another Yu: who will your Morgan be?
9/9/2016: Explore the dark secrets of Talos I.
8/19/2016: What awaits you aboard Talos I?
8/4/2016: You are the first human enhanced with alien powers aboard a desolate space station under assault.
6/13/2016: You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever.