Vampyr Videos & Trailers

6/1/2018: Dr. Jonathan Reid is a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist freshly turned into a vampire after arriving back in his home city of London following the Great War.
5/3/2018: Feed on the people that you swore to protect ... and evolve.
4/5/2018: Fear the Reaper and dive into a strange new world.
2/8/2018: Vampyr's exploration, investigations, citizen encounters, combat, and choices are all fundamentally intertwined with the game's story.
2/1/2018: The most effective way to get stronger is by killing and feeding on humans, but you'll hear the dying thoughts of every person you choose to sacrifice.
1/25/2018: A look at the four districts of London that you will explore and impact during your time in Vampyr, Whitechapel, the Docks, the West End, and Pembroke Hospital.
1/18/2018: DONTNOD gives you insight into the character of Jonathan Reid, the doctor-turned-vampire that you will take control of in Vampyr.
6/8/2017: Get a first glimpse at The Ascalon Club, a society formed from the richest vampires, unbeknownst to the mortals.
12/22/2016: Dr Reid awakes after arriving home from serving in the Great War with a deadly new ailment: vampirism.
6/13/2016: Doctor Jonathan Reid tries to come to terms with his transition, and the hunger that drives him to kill.
6/19/2015: You are Jonathan E. Reid, a high-ranking military surgeon transformed into a vampire upon his return home from the frontlines of World War I.