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3/7/2024: The legendary sword, Valor’s Edge has been passed down from an empire of Knights that stood mighty before the Cataclysm - it’s now carried into battle by its last wielder, the Unsung Knight.
The Sword of Ashfeld Launch Trailer Thumbnail
1/25/2024: Varangian Guards are protectors with unmatched defensive capabilities.
Varangian Guard Trailer Thumbnail
11/30/2023: Yule cheer and bloody horror mix as the Highlander Maddox betrays the chief of a Viking village, siding with the invading Horkos and slaying those who oppose him.
Treason Launch Trailer Thumbnail
10/19/2023: The Ghost Rites were a deceit. The warriors’ souls are claimed by the White Bone Spirit, who forces them to perform in her theater of evil illusions. Their one hope is her nemesis, the Monkey King Wukong, who’s ready to ruin the White Bone Spirit’s show and free her “performers."
Theater of Bones Trailer Thumbnail
3/9/2023: Following accusations of heresy, an Inquisition is formed to purge all Fanatics from Heathmoor.
Heresy Launch Trailer Thumbnail
1/26/2023: Armed with a Mace and Shield, the Afeera bring precise and elegant combat to For Honor from the kingdom of Arabia.
Afeera Hero Trailer Thumbnail
7/21/2022: Bolthorn used the stolen relics’ power to save his people, but unknowingly released a curse upon Heathmoor. Neferkha, the last descendant of the Pharaohs, now travels from distant lands to break the curse.
Medjay Hero Trailer Thumbnail
6/9/2022: After the Great Cataclysm, Bolthorn used the stolen relics’ power in an attempt to save his people, but he unknowingly released a terrible curse upon Heathmoor in the process.
Curse of the Scarab Launch Trailer Thumbnail
3/15/2022: Return to the Golden Age of Heathmoor to discover the origin of the Wardens through Lord Ramiel.
Golden Age Launch Trailer Thumbnail
1/20/2022: A good blade, a few tricks up the sleeve, and a nice crew is all that's needed.
Pirate Hero Reveal Trailer Thumbnail
12/9/2021: For Honor’s factions recover from their losses caused by the perils of Tempest, until mysterious ships show up at the docks.
Frozen Shores Launch Trailer Thumbnail
7/15/2021: Joining the Samurai faction, the Kyoshin are legendary warriors who have a deep connection to the spiritual realms. Their special training led them to master the art of fighting with the Shikomizue, a concealed single-handed blade and a scabbard.
Kyoshin Reveal Trailer Thumbnail
6/4/2021: A sudden drought strikes Heathmoor. While warriors try to survive, hallucinations are beginning to appear. What awaits within the mirage?
Mirage Story Trailer Thumbnail
3/11/2021: The march of war cannot be halted.
Year 5 Season 1 Asunder Launch Trailer Thumbnail
3/11/2021: The Horkos Masquerade features a new 4v4 game mode, the Carousel of Horkos, which will run through April 1st.
Horkos Masquerade Event Thumbnail
3/4/2021: The Horkos vs. Chimera rivalry has grown in ferocity and tensions are rising. It only takes a spark to start a rebellion...but what will it take to end it?
Asunder Story Trailer Thumbnail
2/18/2021: The shovel-wielding hero Shovel Knight is joining the fight in For Honor.
Shovel Knight Crossover Trailer Thumbnail
9/17/2020: Resistance tells the story of the rebellious warriors who take a stand to defeat a common enemy: The Warmongers and their regime of terror.
Resistance Launch Trailer Thumbnail
9/17/2020: Experience the story of warriors who took a stand against the Warmongers and their order.
Tales of Rebellion Event Trailer Thumbnail
9/10/2020: The Order of Horkos has imposed a regime of terror. But in the most desperate times, a spark of rebellion is all you need to bring back hope.
Resistance Story Trailer Thumbnail
8/6/2020: Prey on the weak as the Warmonger, a grandiose warrior determined to become the new leader of Heathmoor.
Rise of the Warmonger Trailer Thumbnail
3/12/2020: Following a sandstorm that has descended on the lands of Heathmoor, the Prince of Persia arrives to stake his claim to the throne in For Honor.
Prince of Persia Event Trailer Thumbnail
2/6/2020: The Battle Pass is a new progression system which allows players to unlock unique cosmetic rewards through the Free Pass and the Premium Pass by completing matches, Arcade quests, and daily orders.
Year 4 Season 1 Battle Pass Trailer Thumbnail
12/19/2019: Relive the journey of Sun Da, who had to evacuate Qiang Pass while defending the Wu Lin Emperor.
Zhanhu's Gambit Event Trailer Thumbnail
11/16/2019: The new Wu Lin Hero and their fearsome Changdao blade.
Zhanhu Hero Gameplay Trailer Thumbnail
10/31/2019: After a massive sandstorm wrecked most of the Wu Lin territories, many fled west and sought refuge in Heathmoor, while others stayed behind with the Emperor to rebuild an army. Among them, Sun Da, leader of the Zhanhu, found new ways to use fire in his laboratory at Qiang Pass. As he tried to increase the Wu Lin arsenal, an unexpected enemy got wind of his discoveries and attacked the fortress.
Sun Da Cinematic Reveal Trailer Thumbnail
10/31/2019: The Wu Lin once built a grand fortress to claim the strategic route. Now attackers amass at Qiang Pass, determined to open a path for their invading forces.
Qiang Pass Map Trailer Thumbnail
9/19/2019: Ragnarok will transform the Breach game mode in celebration of the Jormungandr, their Hamarr, and the map Storr Stronghold.
Wrath of Jormungandr Cinematic Trailer Thumbnail
7/25/2019: Prepare to siege Storr Stronghold.
Storr Stronghold Trailer Thumbnail
7/23/2019: The Jormungandr are Viking sectarians who wear their devotion to the Great Serpent, after whom they are named, on their scarred bodies. The Jormungandr aims at crushing the weak before Ragnarok comes, as they believe only the most worthy must remain for the Great Battle. Wielding their mighty War Hamarr during fights, they cull their opponents with their powerful attacks.
Hulda Cinematic Reveal Trailer Thumbnail
5/2/2019: An unhinged executioner, this hero believes she grows stronger with every kill. Are you ready to swing her mighty masakari axe?
The Making of Sakura Thumbnail
4/26/2019: The changes in For Honor Patch 2.08.0.
Sakura Patch Notes Highlights Thumbnail
4/25/2019: This Year 3 Season 2 map is playable in Tribute, Duel, Brawl, Skirmish, and Elimination.
Canopy Map Trailer Thumbnail
4/23/2019: Be not afraid, your peace and salvation has come. Sakura is here for your soul.
Sakura Reveal Trailer Thumbnail
3/14/2019: Black Prior's Riposte delves into the story of the Black Priors and their decisive role in the history of the For Honor world.
Black Prior's Riposte Trailer Thumbnail
1/16/2019: The Black Priors are heavy heroes who wield a large kite shield and longsword. These dark agents fight alongside the Knights but are free from the code of chivalry. Whatever victory?s cost, the Black Priors will pay the price. Once Apollyon's faithful warriors, today they fight with their leader, Vortiger, reinventing their legacy and bringing chaos to the battlefield.
Vortiger Cinematic Reveal Trailer Thumbnail
12/21/2018: Fight inside an Animus simulation, perform hidden blade assassinations, leap into conveniently placed bales of hay, and unlock exclusive Assassin?s Creed-themed gear and weapons
Fight Ezio Crossover Trailer Thumbnail
12/21/2018: Assassin's Creed invades the world of For Honor
Assassin's Creed Crossover Trailer Thumbnail
10/25/2018: Skeletons are once again marching on the battlefield, will you be there to feast upon the undead hordes with the rest of the beasts of Halloween?
Return Of The Otherworld Trailer Thumbnail
10/16/2018: Introducing a new faction, the Wu Lin.
Marching Fire Launch Gameplay Trailer Thumbnail
10/10/2018: What to expect in the Marching Fire free update and expansion.
Marching Fire Free Update & Expansion Editions Tra Thumbnail
8/21/2018: Fight battles with increasingly challenging waves of enemies with different objectives and modifiers.
Gamescom 2018 Arcade Mode Trailer Thumbnail
8/16/2018: The fury of Mt. Ignis has changed the face of the battlefield, setting the environment ablaze and choking the sky with ash.
Reigning Inferno Event Trailer Thumbnail
5/30/2018: Get a sneak peek of what will be revealed about For Honor's future at the Ubisoft E3 2018 briefing.
Past, Present, and Future Thumbnail
5/17/2018: Season 6 brings a new map, reworks for the Peacekeeper and Orochi, and a new Visual Collection feature.
Rite of Champions Trailer Thumbnail
4/18/2018: The new For Honor Training Mode will help new players learn the game.
Training Mode Trailer Thumbnail
2/15/2018: Test your mettle in Test Your Metal, a new 4vAI mode that will pit players against bosses from the For Honor Campaign.
Apollyon's Legacy Event Trailer Thumbnail
1/25/2018: For Honor Season Five, coming February 15th.
Age of Wolves Teaser Trailer Thumbnail
11/13/2017: Tribute mode and two new maps will be free for all players at the start of Season Four.
Season 4 Launch Trailer Thumbnail
11/10/2017: The Gauntlet is a new map coming to For Honor as part of Season 4.
Season 4: Gauntlet Trailer Thumbnail
11/10/2017: Market Town is a new map coming to For Honor as part of Season 4.
Season 4: Market Town Trailer Thumbnail
11/10/2017: Pouncing on their opponents like wild beasts, Shamans become more deadly as their opponents bleed out onto the battlefield.
Shaman Trailer Thumbnail
11/10/2017: The Aramusha capitalize on the mistakes of their opponents and punish them with a never ending flow of fast attacks in every direction.
Aramusha Trailer Thumbnail
8/11/2017: A Raider's home.
Viking Village Map Overview Thumbnail
8/11/2017: The Sentinel is a castle in ruins.
Sentinel Map Overview Thumbnail
8/10/2017: Stoic and guarded, Highlanders are patient heroes capable of switching between two different fighting forms.
Highlander Hero Trailer Thumbnail
8/10/2017: Wielding a trident and shield, the Gladiator has made a living off of killing for sport.
Gladiator Hero Trailer Thumbnail
8/3/2017: Grudge and Glory adds new heroes, maps, gear, and ranked play.
Season 3 Features Trailer Thumbnail
8/3/2017: Introducing the Highlander and the Gladiator.
Season 3 Teaser: Grudge & Glory Thumbnail
5/4/2017: Very few industries remain in Ashfeld, but the nonstop war machine has a constant need for steel.
Season 2: Forge Map Preview Thumbnail
5/4/2017: Were it not a battleground, the Temple Garden would be one of the most beautiful and serene spaces.
Season 2: Temple Garden Map Preview Thumbnail
1/21/2017: Choose from one of the three factions and fight to take control of territories.
The Faction War Metagame Thumbnail
1/18/2017: The Lawbringers are the justice in Ashfeld, enforcing the laws and dispensing punishment.
The Lawbringer Trailer Thumbnail
1/18/2017: The Valkyries have made a deal with the gods: they will fight and earn glory so that those who can?t will be counted in the halls of Valhalla.
The Valkyrie Trailer Thumbnail
1/18/2017: The Nobushi are the defenders of the villages too far from the Imperial City for the army to reach.
The Nobushi Trailer Thumbnail
1/10/2017: Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield.
The Thin Red Path Thumbnail
12/14/2016: The noble Knights of the Iron Legion, the deadly Samurai of the Dawn Empire, and ferocious Vikings of the Warborn clans are under threat from a mysterious and bloodthirsty warlord named Apollyon.
Story Campaign Gameplay Thumbnail
12/14/2016: Scattered for centuries, the Knights have begun at last to gather again under a single banner: the banner of the Iron Legion.
The Peacekeeper Thumbnail
12/14/2016: Previously thought to have vanished, the Vikings have returned to plunder, take new lands, and reclaim their ancient homeland in the north.
The Warlord Thumbnail
12/14/2016: History has not been kind to the Samurai. After losing their homeland to sea and fire, the nomadic warriors have ceased their wandering and have rebuilt themselves a new nation under a mighty Emperor.
The Shugoki Thumbnail
8/25/2016: Take a trip to Nuka-World and meet Bottle and Cappy.
Nuka-World Theme Song Thumbnail
8/19/2016: Learn more about the distinct skills of the Vikings, Samurai, and Knights.
Gamescom 2016 Trailer Thumbnail
6/13/2016: Ensure the survival of your people and foil the plans of the merciless and bloodthirsty warlord, Apollyon.
E3 2016 Story Cinematic Thumbnail
6/18/2015: Wage war as one of three great warrior legacies: bold Knights, brutal Vikings, or mysterious Samurai.
E3 2015 Announce Trailer Thumbnail