Path of Exile Videos & Trailers

5/5/2022: Ancient constructs have been unearthed across Wraeclast.
1/27/2022: Two new Eldritch Horrors threaten to consume the Atlas of Worlds. Join Commander Kirac's militia and defend the Atlas and Wraeclast itself against these celestial foes.
10/14/2021: In Path of Exile: Scourge, you must fill the Blood Crucible with the blood of your enemies then shift into an alternate Wraeclast where an apocalyptic event rages, in order to slay powerful demons and craft potent items.
9/3/2020: Hire a crew of specialized thieves to assist you with infiltrating secure facilities to retrieve valuable Artifacts.
6/5/2020: Assist Oshabi in exploring the mysterious power of her Sacred Grove, cultivating a wild garden that can unlock powerful crafting options.
8/31/2018: The infinite dungeon Azurite Mine is filled with treasures and valuable Azurite ore that can be traded in for flares, dynamite, and upgrades to your Crawler - a machine capable of piercing the suffocating darkness of the mine.
3/2/2018: Track Wraeclast's most dangerous animals, weaken them, and capture them to make them your own.
11/21/2016: Tears in the fabric of reality have formed throughout Wraeclast.
5/19/2016: What would you do if you knew what lay at the end of your path?