Neverwinter Videos & Trailers

1/11/2022: The evil lich Valindra Shadowmantle has returned to threaten the Sword Coast alongside the Cult of the Dragon, who have come to possess an ancient artifact with the potential to amplify their foul rituals of undeath.
12/16/2021: In Dragonbone Vale, the evil moon elf lich Valindra Shadowmantle has returned to threaten the Sword Coast alongside the Cult of the Dragon.
8/24/2021: Epic tales of your adventures will be sung by the bards.
7/13/2021: The Bard is coming to Neverwinter.
6/8/2021: Travel to the Dark Fey Mire to investigate the fetid swamp tainted by the mysterious dark magic of Velma the Bonegrinder, a deceitful Green Hag, and her sisters from the Odious Court.
6/4/2021: Bards can weave magic into their swords and use music to inspire allies, manipulate minds, and heal wounds.
4/13/2021: Neverwinter adventurers must band together to assist the elves of New Sharandar in defeating the soul-stealing Night Hag.
2/16/2021: Return to Sharandar to end the unsettling darkness creeping across the Feywild.
1/7/2021: In Neverwinter: Sharandar, an unsettling darkness creeps across the Feywild and the age-old elven stronghold of Sharandar. Brutish creatures kill any foolish enough to enter the lands once held by Malabog the Fomorian King. Deep in the forest, rumors of an ancient fey being, together with scattered bands of Malabog’s minions, seek to conquer Sharandar and seize its arcane secrets.
8/18/2020: The powerful ruler of Avernus, Archdevil Zariel, is newly redeemed and free from Asmodeus' bondage as she seeks to redress the balance of her dark deeds. In pursuit of this goal, Zariel desires for the Bleeding Citadel to be restored to its former glory - for it to once again serve as a bastion of angelic strength in the Nine Hells.
11/20/2019: Vallenhas Manor and its surrounding lands are plunged into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells.
8/13/2019: The conflict between the illithid and the gith has spilled into the caverns of Undermountain and drawn the ire of Halaster Blackcloak.
7/9/2019: Enter the Gith, psionic warriors seeking retribution against the Illithid intruding on Halaster Blackcloak's lair of Undermountain.
2/21/2017: The city of Neverwinter is under attack by the Cloaked Ascendancy, a group of four mages ripped from the Cloak Tower during the Spellplague.
6/2/2016: Giants are returning to Neverwinter.
11/9/2015: Demons are invading the world of Neverwinter.
7/23/2015: Reclaim a derelict keep and build it into your stronghold.
5/21/2015: Claim an abandoned keep from the wild and build it back into its former glory.
4/7/2015: The Princes of Elemental Evil are dedicated to seeding destruction throughout the Forgotten Realms.
8/14/2014: Here be dragons...
8/5/2014: Dragonborn and Scourge Warlocks come to Neverwinter.
7/15/2014: The Scourge Warlock focuses on summoning Soul Puppets, debuffing enemies, and dealing major damage.