Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Videos & Trailers

8/3/2015: Descent takes our four heroes to a deep water Atlas base...
7/27/2015: The Exo Zombies saga concludes with Descent.
6/1/2015: Our heroes are left desperate for answers after Sentinel pilot Captain Lennox executes one of their own...
5/26/2015: Four new maps take you around the world.
3/24/2015: Exo Zombies Infection, new maps, and more in the second DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
1/20/2015: Gameplay from the new Exo Zombies mode, starring John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal.
12/19/2014: Untrained and unprepared, four Atlas employees must survive a horror unlike any other.
11/26/2014: What happens when exoskeletons meet zombies?
10/30/2014: Watch the official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare live action trailer.
10/19/2014: In a future devastated by a global attack, the private military corporation Atlas rises from the chaos.
10/6/2014: An insider perspective on the new gameplay mechanics of the multiplayer game.
9/24/2014: Power changes everything in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, from the Private Military Corporation-driven storyline in the single-player campaign to the innovative exoskeleton movements in multiplayer.
9/3/2014: A closer look at some of the new multiplayer features, including exoskeleton movement, customization, maps, and modes.
8/12/2014: Sentinel forces pursue a van on the Golden Gate Bridge ... this won't end well.
8/11/2014: Exoskeleton technology comes to Call of Duty multiplayer.
8/11/2014: Watch the multiplayer reveal presentation in its entirety.
7/29/2014: With nations brought to their knees by a global terrorist attack, the world turns to Atlas, the largest private military company on the planet...
7/8/2014: Sledgehammer Games Audio Director Don Veca discusses the audio intelligence system and how it makes every impact and explosion sound unique.
7/1/2014: Sledgehammer Games Animation Director Christopher Stone and Art Director Joe Salud describe how performance capture, facial animation, and character skeletons bring detail to the game.
6/24/2014: Sledgehammer Games co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey discuss how future tech and the exoskeleton redefine the gameplay of Call of Duty.
6/17/2014: Sledgehammer Games Creative Director Bret Robbins discusses how research and technology come together to enhance the storytelling experience.
6/9/2014: A group of US Marines drops into the battle lines of Seoul, South Korea.
5/2/2014: Call of Duty's vision of the battleground of the future.