Hearts of Iron IV Videos & Trailers

11/23/2021: The battle on the Eastern Front has begun.
2/18/2020: The developers talk about Agencies, one of the new features in Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance.
2/6/2020: The developers talk about Intel, one of the new features coming in Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance.
3/9/2018: The Chinese Republic is barely 25 years old and has still not found the unity it seeks. But now, pressed by Japan, China?s factions might find in war the common cause that eluded them in peace.
4/26/2017: Death or Dishonor focuses on the countries of Europe caught between the dueling ambitions of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.
11/1/2016: The British dominions and colonies rally to defend England.
6/6/2016: Take command of any nation in World War II.
5/17/2016: What if Japan had invaded the Soviet Union in World War II?
8/11/2015: Watch as Operation Sea Lion unfolds.
1/26/2014: Hearts of Iron IV is coming...