The Sims 4 Videos & Trailers

11/16/2018: Experience the celebrity lifestyle with your Sims.
11/8/2018: Join the glitz and glamour of Del Sol Valley where you can build your stardom as you pursue an acting career, become an A-lister, and reach for the stars.
10/9/2018: Catch your big break through a standout audition, landing a role in a television series, or a commercial gig.
6/22/2018: Seasons, and the holidays that come with them, come to the Sims.
5/24/2018: The Sims 4 Seasons adds a slew of new, festive holidays to bring Sims together to celebrate with their friends and family.
11/10/2017: Use the Create A Pet tool to personalize your cats and dogs.
11/1/2016: Experience everything the city has to offer.
12/8/2015: Windenburg is a new world for Sims to explore.
8/6/2015: Have your Sims get together for exciting group activities.
7/14/2015: It's time to pamper your Sims.
3/24/2015: Take your career to the next level.
2/4/2015: Three new professions, detective, doctor, and scientist.
1/13/2015: Take your Sims on a vacation to Granite Falls.
11/4/2014: The Sims have new ways to play in the pool.
10/1/2014: Ghosts are now haunting the Sims!
8/23/2014: Full of personalities...
8/5/2014: Meet the most least interesting Sim in the world...
7/30/2014: The Sims get all emotional for you.
7/21/2014: This 20-minute raw gameplay video will give you an idea of what to expect from The Sims 4.
5/28/2014: How to easily construct the home of your dreams.
5/14/2014: A look at the new tools you'll be able to use to create your new sims in The Sims 4.