Europa Universalis IV Videos & Trailers

3/30/2021: Not everything has to be brute force.
6/9/2020: Rule as the Emperor to rewrite history and remake the world.
5/13/2020: Who can restrain the ambition of rulers who feel called to greatness? Rulers chosen by their peers. Chosen by their people. Chosen by God.
3/3/2020: From the churches of Rome, the people are called to abide by the one true faith. From the palaces of Vienna, the subjects are commanded to obey their chosen ruler. From the streets of Paris, a new generation of citizens pursues its own zealous mission. All choose their path, all aspire to Empire.
12/11/2018: From Madrid to Mexico to Manila, the Spanish Crown had the one of the first empires on which the sun never set.
11/21/2018: Europa Universalis IV is entering the Golden Age of exploration and piracy.
2/6/2018: Break from the old faith. Break from centuries of squabbling on the continent. Break from old modes of production. Stride boldly into a future of new science and power.
10/3/2017: For millennia, empires have battled over the deserts and valleys where humankind once took its first tentative steps towards to something larger.
8/13/2013: Create a global empire in the Age of Discovery.
7/26/2013: For those times when you just have to resort to violence...
7/15/2013: Project Lead Thomas Johansson provides you with a preview of the troubles facing expanding nations.
2/13/2013: Project lead Thomas Johansson how technology research will change in Europa Universalis IV
2/9/2013: Take a tour of the world of Europa Universalis IV.
8/13/2012: Europa Universalis is returning for a fourth.