PlanetSide 2 Videos

11/18/2022: PlanetSide 2 is celebrating its tenth with an anniversary update.
10th Anniversary Update Trailer Thumbnail
11/6/2012: Gameplay trailer featuring the Black Widow Company in action.
Black Widow Company Trailer Thumbnail
7/17/2012: When it comes to war, size always matters.
Death is No Excuse Thumbnail
6/19/2012: Soldiers are moving out and the Terran Republic is on the attack...
Ground Assault on Tech Plant Hvar Thumbnail
5/24/2012: Aircraft take to the skies in PlanetSide 2.
Massive Air Combat  Thumbnail
4/4/2012: Senior Artist Patrick Ho walks viewers through his entire creative process for the weapon attachment, from a few simple thumbnail sketches to the fully rendered finish.
NC Scope 4X Design Video  Thumbnail
3/30/2012: Sony Online Entertainment Creative Director Matt Higby walks through some of PlanetSide 2's Alpha highlights from the gameplay demo given at GDC 2012.
Alpha Highlights Video Thumbnail
12/22/2011: An in-depth look at the game's three factions - Vanu Sovereignty, New Conglomerate and Terran Republic.
11/23/2011: The V.S. firmly believes that technology and knowledge hold the answers to all of mankind's problems.
Vanu Sovereignty Design Video Thumbnail
11/11/2011: A first look at the designs of the Conglomerate Empire.
Conglomerate Intel Debrief Thumbnail