Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Videos & Trailers

8/24/2011: Many, many orks died in the making of this trailer.
8/23/2011: An interview with actor Mark Strong, voice of the game's protagonist Captain Titus.
8/19/2011: Our Enemies shows us the evil that the Space Marine faces in the form of Orks, Chaos Daemons and Chaos Marines.
8/19/2011: Our Weapons gives us a glimpse at the awesome array of weapons available to a Space Marine in his never ending battle against the forces that conspire against humankind.
8/19/2011: This video details the bond, power and responsibility Space Marines share with each other to keep the human race safe from destruction.
8/19/2011: A grim look at the 40K universe and the constant threats to humanity's existence.
8/11/2011: In this developer diary the developers explain what makes the game's plot, presentation, and score epic.
8/3/2011: This trailer details the different classes and customization options in Space Marine's multiplayer game.
7/27/2011: I AM WAR!
6/11/2011: Enter the forces of Chaos…
5/25/2011: How to bring visual violent death to those who oppose you.
5/12/2011: Be a Space Marine…
4/8/2011: The game's developers give you an inside look at the game.