Star Trek Online Videos

5/28/2024: The Khitomer Alliance has tasked you and a new Aetherian ally with modifying an Iconian Gateway, when you receive a distress call from another universe. They're under siege by a multiversal Borg, attacking from within a massive Dyson Sphere. Can you stop these new Borg before they gain control?
Unparalleled Launch Trailer Thumbnail
1/23/2024: The looming threat of the Mirror Borg must be dealt with.
Both Worlds Launch Trailer Thumbnail
9/8/2022: Emperor Wesley Crusher, the Mirror Version of Wesley Crusher, will lead the Terran Empire in Star Trek Online: Ascension.
Ascension Teaser Trailer Thumbnail
4/8/2022: Stormfall will send captains on a rescue mission in the Mirror Universe.
Stormfall Announcement Trailer Thumbnail
5/25/2021: The finale of the Klingon Civil War here. Who will claim Qo'nos for their own?
House United Launch Trailer Thumbnail
1/26/2021: After the Klingon Empire broke apart in House Shattered, J’Ula, matriarch of House Mo’Kai, travels to the sacred planet of Boreth.
House Reborn Launch Trailer Thumbnail
10/6/2020: Falsely accused of a crime you didn't commit, you are on the run, and attempting to clear your name.
House Shattered Launch Trailer Thumbnail
5/14/2019: Journey with Gabriel Lorca and Ellen Landry into the past, and learn their journey to Season One of Star Trek: Discovery.
Rise of Discovery Launch Trailer Thumbnail
6/28/2016: The Temporal War rages with Krenim and Na'kuhl forces working to undo the very fabric of time.
Agents of Yesterday Launch Trailer Thumbnail
8/26/2014: Star Trek Online is taking players to the Delta Quadrant, 32 years after the return of the Voyager.
Delta Rising Trailer Thumbnail
3/21/2013: Play as a Romulan and face the oppressive Tal Shiar regime.
Legacy of Romulus Teaser Thumbnail