Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Videos & Trailers

11/13/2007: The final video in the series.
11/13/2007: The developers' look at the game continues.
10/13/2007: This video takes you behind the scenes, and features Kane & Lynch director, Jens Peters Kurup, discussing the development of the story and script behind Kane & Lynch, and what inspired the team's decisions. JP tells us about the development of Kane and Lynch's personalities and character profiles, and telling about the two fairly normal men who have ruined their lives.
8/28/2007: This trailer features Kane and what appear to be his last thoughts to his daughter, Jenny, as he is transported to his execution.
6/8/2007: Play as Kane -- a flawed mercenary -- and his uncontrollable partner Lynch -- a medicated psychopath poised on the edge of complete chaos, two men thrown together by circumstance.