Video Gaming News - November 2004

Santa Clara, CA (November 18, 2004) - O~3 Entertainment today announced that Alien Hominid is shipping to retail stores throughout North America. Developed by The Behemoth, Alien Hominid is available for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube.

From O~3:

Alien Hominid is the debut console title from O~3 Entertainment and developer The Behemoth, and one of the first examples of top-notch independent development on the major gaming consoles. It is an evolution of classic 2D side-scrolling platform shooters, blending old school play mechanics with stunning hand drawn graphics. Born on the internet in 2002, a prototype version of Alien Hominid has become one of the most downloaded games of all time, with over seven and a half million downloads from the entertainment portal, the first of hundreds of websites now mirroring the prototype.

"Alien Hominid is the epitome of what we're trying to do at O~3," stated Bill Gardner, CEO of O~3. "Our mission is to find the best independently developed games in the world, and bring them to market."

Features of the Alien Hominid console game include:
* Blast through level after level of stunning hand drawn art by Dan Paladin
* Individual controller difficulty settings. Both skilled and unskilled players can enjoy the game at the same time.
* Take down your enemies in a variety of ways with a wide assortment of alien melee attacks that range from humorous to, well, gross
* Experience a fully interactive world teeming with dynamic enemies and unique bosses
* NPC A.I. so real you'd think it was human
* 16 levels of intense multiplayer action. Main game for 1 or 2 players, mini-games up to 4 players.
* 5 extra mini games (including the 1-4 player PDA games with over 200 levels and a level creation option) and alternate gameplay modes bring players back again and again
* The game's monstrously popular internet prototype has been played over 7,500,000 times.

About the Game
While joy riding in its new spaceship, Alien Hominid crash lands in front of FBI headquarters, and narrowly escapes with only its alien hide. Alien Hominid must find its spaceship and get off this rock before its vicious human enemies find it and cart it off to Area 51. Along the way Alien Hominid relies on its deadly melee skills and advanced weapons to out smart the ever-cunning enemies who want to probe it for alien secrets.

About Alien Hominid
Although half the size of a fully grown human, Alien Hominid has the uncanny ability to cause mayhem and destruction wherever he goes. The FBI and their mechanical marvels have been designed to keep A.H. from retrieving its UFO, but it will not be deterred. Hominid befriends the most unlikely of humans, who aid it with insane weapon upgrades. Alien Hominid will shoot, bomb, toss, eat and slash anything in its path - and bring on the heat in multiplayer co-op mode at any time.

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