Video Gaming News - October 2005

Redmond, WA (October 31, 2005) - Nintendo today announced that Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is now available.

From Nintendo:

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix offers alternative way to dance away the carbs and sustain a healthy lifestyle together. Players will move their body and exercise without even realizing it.

So, boogie down with Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix for Nintendo GameCube. The highly interactive video game keeps players engaged as they dance their way to victory. The benefits will be monumental as players remove their hands out the Halloween candy jar and get their feet moving on the Action Pad.

"In general, most people aspire to be healthy, but either can't find the time or don't enjoy it if they do actually make it to the gym," said George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix transports the gym to the living room and makes working out something the whole family can enjoy."

With an all-new Story Mode, five difficulty levels and a mode where players can stomp familiar Nintendo enemies, this new take on the popular arcade franchise will have players young and old working up a sweat. The creative storyline will keep players dancing for hours on end. The music keys have been stolen and someone has released the music. The Mushroom Kingdom is in turmoil as the unstable power of the music brings chaos to the land. Using the Action Pad, players must perform the correct steps and dance their way to victory. The kingdom will not be safe until all the Music Keys are collected.

Mario, Luigi, Toad, Waluigi, Wario and Bowser make working out especially fun for younger players who can finally experience the thrill of stomping Goombas and other enemies. Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix also provides the means for children to work out in a group effort rather than simply by themselves. Learning to work out with Mario at a young age fosters a healthy routine for a lifetime.

Nintendo is renowned for broadening the video game experience with radical new user interfaces that entice the imagination. The musical adventure Donkey Konga had great success as players drummed and clapped their way through the highly interactive game. Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix transports the player right into a virtual universe with the dynamic Action Pad. Players of all skills and fitness levels can join in the fun, with levels from Easy to Very Hard. A special "Workout" feature even tracks the burned calories while the player grooves to the music that includes 25 dance-flavored songs, from classic Nintendo themes to familiar favorites.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is Rated E for Everyone. The family-friendly game is story driven and keeps players involved with hands-on -- make that "feet-on" -- entertainment. For more information about Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix please visit

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