Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ & Walkthrough


  1. Are You Going To San Fierro?

     The Truth finally has the drugs that Tenpenny wants to use to frame the
     troublesome individual. Unfortunately, the cops decide to raid Truth's

     You'll have 5 minutes to use a flamethrower to torch all of The Truth's 
     marijuana growing operation. Be sure to completely destroy all of the 
     growing areas; you'll know it's destroyed when you hear a beep, and one
     of the red dots will disappear from the map. 5 minutes is plenty of time,
     so work quickly and efficiently, and try not to set yourself on fire.

     Once you've eliminated the crop, rejoin The Truth in his psychedelic
     van. You need to make a getaway, but the police helicopter makes that 
     impossible; fortunately, Truth just happens to have a Rocket-Propelled
     Grenade (RPG) launcher in the back of the van. Surprisingly heavy 
     firepower for a hippie. Anyway, target the helicopter and blow it out
     of the sky. Once that's done, just calmly drive to San Fierro and check
     out the new garage.