Van Helsing Walkthrough

Mission 5
Frankenstein's Castle 

Hack your way past the zombies and cross to the iron gates. Hack on 
through past more zombies using your shotgun and cross to the castle. 
Enter, and attack more winged demons in the courtyard. The best way 
to beat them is by using the grapple to pull them towards you, then a 
mixture of close range attacks and shotgun blasts to kill them one at 
a time! Next, head to the right to find more zombies and half a life 
bar increaser. Grab it, then head through the main castle doors. Use 
the crossbow to kill the goblins who attack. They are only small, but 
they can cause plenty of damage, so make sure that you keep moving.
When they are all dealt with, head through the small doors at the 
foot of the stairs and fire a bolt at the statue. More goblins will 
attack, so use the crossbow, short ranged attacks and finishing moves 
for maximum effect! Climb to the next level, grab the life 
replenishes, then head to the platform to the right. Use a grapple 
and swing across, then head out of the doors and kill the goblins 
below from the relative safety of the ledge. Swing across the gap 
using a grapple and head through to another area. This is also full 
of goblins, so keep on with the crossbow. The best method to use is 
to descend the stairs part way and jump and fire like crazy. You can 
grab the alternative shotgun fire from this room, and a speed boost, 
then return to the previous chamber. Kill the goblins from the ledge, 
then use the alternative shotgun fire to blast the doors away and 
move to the next area. Kill more zombies who attack and head along 
the corridor, through the doors at the end. Kill more goblins jump 
and fire the crossbow then head through the doors at the end. Jump up 
onto the doorframe, then jump up to the doors above. Use the charmed 
shotgun to blow them away and find a half life-bar increaser. Drop 
into the garden and kill the zombies, then enter the house shrouded 
in fog. Head to the end and descend. Move along the corridor, 
blasting more zombies with the shotgun, then through the doors at the 
very end. Get ready with the crossbow for more goblins, then go 
through more doors to reach a green chamber. Kill the goblins, then 
leap onto the table and grapple upwards to meet some fiendishly tough 
winged demons - use the charmed shotgun and roll as much as you can!
Head towards the double doors at the end and grapple up to the ledge 
above to get the electric gun before leaving the way you came and 
dropping back into the green room. Use your new toy to get rid of 
your enemies, and retrace your steps to the lift and leave. Leap up 
and into the castle again, then destroy the wraiths who attack. Shoot 
the generator in the first room you enter in the castle to power it 
up. Grab an egg from the area near the telescope if you want a secret 
and head back towards the room where you found the electric gun. When 
you reach the second generator, give it a blast with your electric 
gun. In the green room, kill all the goblins then leap onto the table 
to reach the final battle with Dracula 
Take the egg from next to the telescope and put it into the 
receptacle outside the castle, near the house shrouded in fog. This 
will unlock Challenge 1: Knight fall! Here you must  
destroy all the stone knights within the time limit by dodging the 
attacks of the winged demons! 
He might look tough, but Dracula is an easy boss to beat. Arm the 
crossbow and keep moving around the area and he will struggle to hit 
you at all. The ice pillars he summons are too slow to appear to even 
hit you unless you are standing still, and his ranged attack can be 
dodged with a roll. Using a speed boost in this battle is a great 
technique, as it makes for a very quick and easy victory!