Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II Review

The gang's all here.

One of the weaknesses for the first Goku game was the rather straightforward storyline. Not a problem with Goku II. There are about a dozen areas in this game and the change appearances depending on the season and weather. In addition to the main journey you are given many optional side quests that are usually some type of find the object quest of just a standard adventure. For example, you will find yourself making a deal with a dinosaur to take car of its eggs so that you can open up a new area to explore. Iíve done stranger things in games.

I suppose my major complaint with Goku II is the combat system. Well, system is a rather strong word as it may give ideas of complexity and strategy. While there are lots of different enemies around, the combat is simple as it consists of using the B button to use energy blasts and the A button for a melee attack. Yea, there are different energy blasts you can choose from but most of the time you can just bounce around pressing the A button and everything will work out just fine. The overall difficulty of the game is on the easy side, but this isnít a game that is supposed to offer immense challenge.

Graphically The Legacy of Goku II is a notch below games like the Golden Sun series and Zeldas, but there is still enough eye candy where it certainly doesnít hurt the over all enjoyment of the game. The music tries its best to keep an upbeat atmosphere and usually succeeds with fairly long songs so itís unlikely you will get sick of hearing the songs.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 82%.  Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II is a nice RPG for the GBA that even gamers who arenít too familiar with the series will enjoy. If youíre already a fan, all the better...


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