Orcs Must Die! Achievements

Dead Orc = Good Orc (5)
Kill 1,000 orcs
Defender (5)
Complete Act 1
Giblet Storm! (20)
Gib more than 200 enemies on one level
Keepmaster (10)
Complete Act 2
Legendary War Mage (35)
Complete the campaign on Nightmare mode
Lights Out! (10)
Get 20 chandelier kills in one level
Master War Mage (20)
Complete Act 3
Member: 30k Club (20)
Kill 30,000 orcs
Pow! Pow! (10)
Get 50 kills with explosive barrels on one level
Skin of your Teeth (10)
Win a level with 1 rift point left
Ultimate War Mage (35)
Earn 5 skulls on every level on War Mage difficulty
Who Wants Pancakes? (20)
Get 50 kills with the rolling log in one level