From Dust Game Guide

                            ||                  ||
                            ||  Challenge Mode  ||                         [C0]
                            ||                  ||

First off, let me explain bonus time. Bonus time is simply how much time 
elapses from when you last use a power to the end of the challenge. In each 
challenge, you're going to want to do your god stuff as quickly as possible, 
then sit there for as long as you can while the rest of the mission plays out.
Bonus time is more important on some challenges than others, if you're going 
for a fast time, that is.

I've tried to list the strategy that got me the fastest possible time for 
each challenge. However, some of my fastest times aren't so fast. If you have
any tips/tricks/strategies, send them to me, and I'll post them in this guide
and credit you for it.

                                   | ===== |
                                   |       |
                                   | Fire! |                               [C1]
                                   |       |
                                   | ===== |

This is incredibly simple. All you need to do here is scoop up some water and
dump it on the large fire and the smaller fire by the volcano. There are plenty
of ways to do this, but this is how I did my fastest run: scoop up water as 
you move towards the fire. Bypass the main fire and put some water on the 
small fire, then dart back up to the top of the main fire and release what's 
left of the water you're carrying.

                            | =================== |
                            |                     |
                            | Running in the Rain |                        [C2]
                            |                     |
                            | =================== |

Another simple challenge. You need to send your men to the far totem. Along 
the way, you'll have to scoop up water that appears in the grooves on the 
slope. Just keep holding the Left Trigger near the top of the groove your men
are passing through. The middle grooves produce more water, so you'll need to
absorb multiple times to clear the path. Don't let your men get hit by any 
water! Even if they don't get washed away, the men that are hit will lag behind
the men that aren't hit, and you'll wind up having to watch after two groups of
people instead of one.

                                  | ======== |
                                  |          |
                                  | Bail Out |                             [C3]
                                  |          |
                                  | ======== |

Arguably even easier than the first two challenges. Send a man for the repel 
water knowledge, and then start scooping the water out while he's on his way.
That's it. On your last scoop, make sure you don't let it go. It'll save you a
small amount of time since releasing matter counts as using a god power, 
whereas holding onto matter doesn't.

                                | ============ |
                                |              |
                                | The Big Wave |                           [C4]
                                |              |
                                | ============ |

Send a man for the repel water knowledge. While he's on his way, absorb the 
earth with the spiky vegetation in between your first totem and the far totem.
Now dump that earth in a line on the water seperating your first totem from 
the next closest totem. You'll have to do this again. When you're finished, 
you should've cleared a decent path through the spiky vegetation, and you 
should have a path across the pool of water. When your first totem learns 
repel water, two men will be sent out to the other totems. When they reach the
totems, the challenge is complete.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Canyoning |                             [C5]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

The man is already going for the repel water knowledge. Scoop up some water 
while he's on his way and wait. After he gets the knowledge, he'll have to 
take it back to his village. Unfortunately, the path down takes too long to 
traverse, so you'll need to dump your water on him so that he goes sliding 
down the side of the mountain. Don't worry, he'll be ok. And he can swim. You
shouldn't have to do anything after this. He'll eventually swim out of the 
pool at the bottom and make it back to his village.

                                 | ========== |
                                 |            |
                                 | Pump It Up |                            [C6]
                                 |            |
                                 | ========== |

You need to get a big ball of dirt and the dump the entire thing, all at once
into a pool of water. The village at the bottom of the pit has repel water.
Ideally, you'll want to dump around two balls of earth into each water 
container. The water will flow downhill and form a barrier around the village.
You can get away with putting less earth into the water containers, but that's
because this challenge is subject to a large matter of luck. The wild nature of
fire means that you can do everything perfectly and a spark will still pop up
somewhere, or you can half-ass it and manage to put the fire out completely.

                                  | ======== |
                                  |          |
                                  | Xuenylom |                             [C7]
                                  |          |
                                  | ======== |

This challenge requires you to read the in-challenge description that pops up
before you actually start the challenge. It says, "Save all three villages on 
the peninsula." You do not have to save the village that you start the 
challenge looking at. In fact, you need to destroy it. Go and pick up the 
smallest amount of lava you can, and then dump it on the village. The ensuing
fire will take care of the rest. You need this village destroyed because it 
has the repel water knowledge. It will hold back that incoming stream of water,
and you need that water to put out the fire. Your final time should be pretty
short, since that's all you have to do. For some reason, vegetation likes to 
grow back after it's burned, particularly near the lava flow, which means it
can catch on fire again. There's not much you can do about this without 
ruining your time. If you try to form a wall with the lava, you'll just 
advance the fire, which means the water won't get there in time to stop it.

                                 | ========== |
                                 |            |
                                 | Aquasplash |                            [C8]
                                 |            |
                                 | ========== |

Send a man for the repel water knowledge. You'll have to clear water out of the
three grooves so that the man can pass back and forth. You can try to 
postpone the inevitable by constantly scooping water out of the big pool, but
it'll start spilling over sooner or later. That's all there is to this 

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Waterfall |                             [C9]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

This is subject to a lot of luck. What you need to do is grab a ball of water
and pour it on the guy coming from the top village. He'll ride the water down
to the bottom and then take the repel water knowledge to the bottom village.
Ideally, you'd use one ball of water, which would then take him close to the 
bottom, but not into the pool of water that accumulates. Of course, in reality,
you might have to use multiple balls of water, and he'll probably wind up 
swimming back onto land. Just keep trying until you get a good time.

                               | ============== |
                               |                |
                               | Guardian Angel |                         [C10]
                               |                |
                               | ============== |

The easiest challenge in the game, once you know what to do. You simply have 
to move the upper totem onto the patch of earth to the left. It has repel 
lava, so once your men get it set up, it'll stop the flow of lava from hitting
the bottom village. The challenge ends when the guy with the knowledge makes
it to the bottom village. When placing the totem, make sure it's close to the
middle, otherwise lava will sneak around it and get your bottom totem.

                                 | ========== |
                                 |            |
                                 | Explosions |                           [C11]
                                 |            |
                                 | ========== |

You need to stop the lava from reaching the village before the man with the 
repel lava knowledge reaches it. You'll need to place two explosive trees on 
the wall on the right side to divert the flow of lava as it comes down the 
hill. If you look on the right wall you should see a prime spot near the top, 
where the wall is pretty low. Stick two trees right there and if you do it 
right, the entire flow will go into the water.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Sacrifice |                            [C12]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

This is officially where the challenges start becoming a pain in the ass. 
There are a couple of tips that can help you out though. First, when you go to
absorb earth, don't move your cursor all over the place. Leave it in one spot
and hold the Left Trigger. This will cause you to suck up some earth that's 
underwater as well. Second, when laying earth down, hold the Right Trigger and
move quickly in a line where you want your path to be. If done properly, you'll
wind up with a path that's just tall enough for you men to cross. You might 
have to wait for the water to stop moving for the path to become visible. Also,
keep an eye out for the areas underwater where you can actually place earth.
This is especially important when laying down a path for your men to get from
the second totem to the repel water knowledge. If you try to place earth in 
deep water, it'll just disappear.

Alright, first off, send your men to the second totem. Suck up earth directly
in the center of your first totem and start laying it down. Suck up more earth
from one of the sides of the first totem. The totem will flood, but as long as
most of your huts are above water, you'll be fine. After the men capture the 
second totem, you can use the rest of the earth around the first village to 
help build a path connecting the second totem to the repel water knowledge.
Your first village will drown, but that's supposed to happen. Send a man for 
the repel water knowledge and continue building land over there. You may have
to erase part of your path to get enough earth. The concept is simple, but the
execution is tedious and difficult.

                                   | ====== |
                                   |        |
                                   | Gospel |                             [C13]
                                   |        |
                                   | ====== |

Send a man for the repel lava knowledge. Just after he crosses from the earth
to rock, jellify the water and start scooping it out to form a path. Make sure
you scoop out a large section of water from the first dip. The source is still
pouring in, and the water will slowly expand and cover the ground here. Once 
the path is clear, do nothing else. If you've done it right, he'll be able to
get the knowledge and exit the pool just as the water returns to its normal 

                                   | ==== |
                                   |      |
                                   | Hell |                               [C14]
                                   |      |
                                   | ==== |

The last pit on the left side has water in it. You need to use this water to 
extinguish the fire. I've tried several times to drop the water directly in 
the middle, so that it takes care of both sides at once, but I haven't been 
successful. Your best bet is to simply do one side at a time. Also, dropping 
the entire ball of water at the top usually isn't enough to cut it, so you 
might be better off releasing it little by little over the fire.

                                  | ====== |
                                  |        |
                                  | Fluids |                              [C15]
                                  |        |
                                  | ====== |

This is a pretty simple concept. Send your man for the repel water knowledge,
and don't forget to make a bridge for him to cross. Go back to the village. 
You should see the water pouring into a series of pools. There are two pools 
that empty out into your village. Block off the first one using earth. Now 
build your village up with earth. Make sure you build up the land to the 
right of it as well, so your guy can make it back with repel water. If you do
this right, the water will pour out of the smaller pool and go around your 
village to the left, emptying out into the sea at the bottom. Things will 
probably get a lot hairier when the timer reaches zero, but your man should be
able to get the knowledge back in time.

                                 | ======== |
                                 |          |
                                 | Collapse |                             [C16]
                                 |          |
                                 | ======== |

Don't send your men for the next totem yet. Instead, go to the nearest volcano
and grab a bunch of lava. You need to lay down a quick and shallow path from 
the first island to the totem island. Don't stop or take your time or do 
anything like that. Simply draw a line with the lava. Also, draw the line so 
that it comes off of the first island and arcs away from the first volcano a 
bit. You need to do this because the earth starts sinking. When you use lava 
on sand, the lava goes all the way to the bottom. The earth will sink, but the
line you've drawn will remain, and you'll have a very thin rock bridge 
connecting your beginning island to the totem island.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | Epic Tsunamis |                          [C17]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

You'll need to save both villages from two tsunamis here. Use amplify breath
and infinite earth to raise one village. Wait for both to recharge, then 
raise the next village. Make sure you raise the villages evenly. If you just
put a bunch of dirt under the totem, you'll destroy the village. Each village
only needs to be raised once to avoid both tsunamis.

                                   | ===== |
                                   |       |
                                   | Ditch |                              [C18]
                                   |       |
                                   | ===== |

The concept is, once again, simple. The execution can be tricky though. You 
need to use explosive trees to connect both of the water trees. The idea is 
that when the fire reaches an explosive tree, it'll set off all the others off
in a chain reaction. Not only will this create a huge gash in the earth, but 
it'll also set off the water plants, which should then fill that gash with 
water. Here's what worked best for me: have explosive trees going diagonally 
from each water tree, towards the middle and towards the village. The middle 
area should be two short horizontal lines of explosive trees. Also, place a 
couple of trees out ahead of the explosive plants by the water trees, so that
the whole thing is triggered before the fire actually gets there. Hopefully, 
by the time the fire reaches your ditch, it'll be a moat. It's easy to mess up
and have a piece of earth that stops your water, so you might be doing this a 
few times. You don't have to cram all of the explosive trees side by side to 
get them to blow the next one up. As long as each tree is in the blast radius
of the next one, you'll be fine.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Countdown |                            [C19]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

You'll need to protect both villages from water coming from both sides. 
Immediately use amplify breath and infinite earth to raise both villages at 
the same time. Another large force of water comes in after several seconds, but
if you do it right, you'll only have to use amplify breath and infinite earth
one time.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Migration |                            [C20]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

This will probably test your patience with the A.I. in this game. The game 
doesn't state it, but you can (and have to) move the totem. You need to get it
from where it's at over to the large crater on the other side of the tall rock.
To do this, use amplify breath to pick up sand from all around (but not from 
the crater area, of course), and dump it so that you've got a bridge 
connecting your totem with the crater area. This is the hardest part, simply
because your men do not want to climb anything. You're going to have to 
constantly raise the area up so that they can get over to the crater. Once 
they have finally moved the totem to the crater, make two lines in the boundary
earth so that water comes rushing in. The place where your totem started at 
will soon become a volcano, and the lava can still reach you and set your 
village on fire if it's not surrounded by water.

                                   | ===== |
                                   |       |
                                   | Nitro |                              [C21]
                                   |       |
                                   | ===== |

You need to use explosive trees to open up one of the pools, releasing the 
water and saving the village from fire. The best way to do this is to blow 
open a hole in the pool that's far from the village. You need to place an 
explosive tree at the top of the rim of the pool. Make sure it's on the side 
of the hill with the village, since you want the water to run down and protect
the village. Place another explosive tree slightly below the first, so that 
the water is more inclined to rush downwards. Place one final tree next to the
previous two, but closer to the fire, so that they're all triggered more 
quickly. You should wind up with the water rushing out just in time to stop 
the fire.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Quicksand |                            [C22]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

This one functions like Collapse. You need to use the lava to draw a line 
around the village. This will form a wall that protects it from water after 
all the earth sinks. Avoid sinkholes and avoid the grass, or you'll catch 
your village on fire.

                                 | ======== |
                                 |          |
                                 | Atlantis |                             [C23]
                                 |          |
                                 | ======== |

At the beginning, an island comes up out of the water next to the one your 
totem is on. You need to bridge the two islands and have your men move the 
totem to the next island. When the timer reaches zero, your first island will
sink back into the water and another island will come up. This cycle continues
for a while. You just need to keep bridging the islands with earth and moving
the totem as fast as you can.

                                   | ===== |
                                   |       |
                                   | Irony |                              [C24]
                                   |       |
                                   | ===== |

One village has the repel water knowledge and one village has the repel lava
knowledge. They need to share this with each other, so you need to grab some
lava and form bridges over the water. The tricky part about this is that the
men are very vulnerable to lava. You can easily kill them by hitting them with
it, so zoom in and apply carefully. Don't forget to set the spiky vegetation
on fire as well. You need to do this somewhat quickly, because the ground will
shake when the volcano erupts, and this will destroy parts of your bridges.
Rebuild them to allow the men to continue to cross.

                                   | ===== |
                                   |       |
                                   | Drill |                              [C25]
                                   |       |
                                   | ===== |

What you need to do here is wall off the "pool" with the repel water stone in 
it, and then drain the water out. To wall it off, use the same technique used
in the Sacrifice challenge. Grab a bunch of earth, zoom in, and just draw a 
line around the pool. The earth will be just tall enough to keep out the sea.
When that's done, use engulf all to clear the pool, then send your guy down. 
Don't send your guy down there until the pool is clear, otherwise he'll try to
wander around on the wall you've just created and you'll waste time.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | Sunken Secret |                          [C26]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

You'll have plenty to do in this challenge. First, note that you get the power
of earth and vegetation. When you pick up a ball of earth, the grass comes 
with it. Use amplify breath to absorb earth and dump it so that the patch of
grass being set on fire is connected to the explosive trees on the rim of the
pool. Make sure you keep the fire going. Now you can block off the source with
earth and create a path over to the repel water stone. Send your guy over 
there. A path opens up once the water drains out, so don't worry about trying
to pile earth so that he can get over the top of the rim. Raise the repel 
water stone using earth and let the challenge play out.

                               | ============== |
                               |                |
                               | Trees of Water |                         [C27]
                               |                |
                               | ============== |

A fire will set off all of the water plants above your village, drowning it.
I'm sure there's probably some clever way of doing this, but if you want the 
fastest time, simply use amplify breath to manually extinguish the fire. It 
sounds wrong, but it works.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Deadly Crossing |                         [C28]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

Move towards the center back of the huge pool of water and look around for the
source. Once you've found it, grab some lava and cover it up. Now use more 
lava to build up a bridge for your men to cross over to the other side. The 
actual rock won't allow your men to cross, but it will act as a foundation. 
Send your men to the totem on the other side, and begin dumping as much earth
as possible on the rock you've just created. The sand will accumulate and the
men will be able to get over to the other side. The water will also stop 
rushing over the top since you've closed off the source.

                               | ============== |
                               |                |
                               | Wagons of Fire |                         [C29]
                               |                |
                               | ============== |

You'll have to work overtime to get this one to play out properly. You may 
notice a fire plant on some land that's not connected to your main totem area.
It will begin to set the vegetation on fire. You must let this fire make it all
the way to your main totem area. First, scoop up some water and dump it all at
once on the water trees that are in the way of the fire. That will set them 
off, so they won't stop the fire when it comes. Now find the other set of 
water trees, the ones that are in a ditch of sorts, and do the same thing here.
You'll need to scoop the water out of this ditch though, and there's a lot, so
hurry up. Once the fire gets about halfway through the hill with the first set
of water trees, use the jellify water power and start clearing the water 
between that hill and the next piece of land. The vegetation will grow on the
land below the water and the fire will be able to continue on. Continue 
scooping water out of the ditch whenever you get time and then turn off the 
jellify water power when the fire has made it over to the other side.

You should be able to scoop all of the water out of the ditch by the time the
fire gets there. You may have to deal with a couple of water plants that are 
left over, but it's no big deal. Use jellify water and scoop the water out of
the way so that the fire can continue on to the main land with your totem on 
it. You'll want the fire to get to the explosive trees on the rock surrounding
the repel lava stone. However, you also want the fire to not reach your totem,
so while you're clearing the way for the fire, lay down some jellified water
in lines that stop the fire from spreading beyond the explosive tree area. 
After the explosive trees go off, turn off jellified water to quench all of 
the fire and send a man for the knowledge.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | The Descent |                           [C30]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

This is difficult in almost every respect. You won't know what's coming until
it's already there, it takes a while to finish the challenge, and half the 
time you can't finish it (or you can't finish with a decent time) because the
A.I. likes to shaft you. You will need patience for this.

To start, move the first totem further up the hill, near the repel water 
knowledge. While it's being moved, use infinite earth to raise the village. 
The land will shift downwards, and water will come rushing at it. You need to
keep this village alive until they can relocate the totem. When they've put it
down, have the men go for the repel water and repel lava stones, and have some
people go for the second totem. Use infinite earth to build up a wall on the 
edge of the cliff in the area with the repel lava stone and the second totem.
This entire thing will start falling, so you need to keep the water out. The
moment your men have captured the second totem, send people for the third 
totem on top of the plateau. As soon as possible, have your men move the 
second totem onto the patch of land at the bottom of the plateau. You'll need
to fill in the gap with earth to get them all across. While you're doing all of
that, feel free to shore up your makeshift walls with more earth. It can't 
hurt. After sending men for the third totem and moving the second totem, you 
can stop. Make sure the second totem has both repel lava and repel water, which
it should by now. Your men will soon capture the third totem and then the 
knowledge will make its way up there. A tsunami comes along, and then the 
entire island starts to sink. Once all totems have repel water and lava 
knowledge, the game ends.