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                                 | ========= |
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                                 | Emergence |                            [S11]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

There isn't much new here, though the execution is different. You'll need to 
build a lot of bridges and platforms to get your people where they need to go.

Send your guys for the amplify breath totem. You'll first have to use lava to
distance the totem from the surrounding water in order to send the men for it.
Use earth and/or lava to build a bridge over there. Also, use earth to build a
bridge to the repel water knowledge, which is next to your start location. 
After capturing the totem, use lots of earth and amplify breath to raise the 
far off infinite earth totem, and send your men that way. Next, raise the 
nearby jellify water totem. There's also a repel lava stone next to it that 
you can raise up out of the water, though you might never need it. Doesn't 
hurt to have it though.

You might have to use jellify water to stop the tsunami from hitting your 
totems before they get the repel water knowledge. Once everything's set, you 
can build up the portal and send your men to it. Use infinite earth to quickly
get 100% vegetation before the next tsunami hits. Also don't forget to nab the
memory stone near your first totem. If you're quick about doing this mission, 
you shouldn't have to worry about the lava reaching any of your totems.