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                              | The Raging Earth |                        [S10]
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This mission puts you up against volcanoes and rising waters. You'll need to 
use lava to block off problem areas, otherwise your men will constantly be 
swept away by one thing or another.

Capture the amplify breath totem ahead of you. There's a rock "wall" to the 
left of the totem, seperating it from the lava flows. The wall isn't quite 
high enough, however, so use lava to build it up a bit. It helps if you build
the wall up quite a ways down, so that the lava won't spill out too close to 
your totem. Try to make it so that the lava flows dump out near the bottom of 
the area. The first volcano erupts rather quickly, so you'll immediately know
if your wall is working. Once your first totem is safe, find the large pool of
water near the top of the map. It makes several streams. Using lava, build up
some rock to cut off the streams so that water is only pouring out of the far
right side of the pool. The far right stream also forks further down, so use
lava to block off the left path there. You should wind up with one stream of 
water following the side of the map. This clears the path for your people to 
capture the jellify water totem. You should also send a man for the repel lava
stone and the memory stone that's closer to the bottom.

Now you need to work with the volcanoes. You should notice two major cones on
the left side. You need to place explosive trees on top of the volcanoes and 
on the backside. This will cause the lava to flow down the backside, away 
from the main path. There's also another lava flow that pops up when the 
tallest volcano erupts. It comes out of the bottom. You can use explosive 
trees to divert this flow into the pool of water just above your first totem.
After you've taken care of most of the lava, send a man to capture the totem
at the bottom of the area. It's the one that gives you the engulf all power.
It shouldn't take that long for the repel lava kite to make its way down there,
but you can wall it off anyway if you want.

Once you've got all lava flowing elsewhere, you can also go for the infinite 
earth totem. You'll need plenty of earth to get them over there. Once they've 
got it, send someone down for the repel water stone below, and keep an eye on
the vegetation to make sure it doesn't catch on fire. You can also now use the
infinite earth power to cover the area in vegetation. Once that's done, use 
infinite earth to raise the portal, which is in the middle of the pool of 
water near the top of the map, and send your guys to it.