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                             | The Tears of Stone |                        [S9]
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This level has you dealing with a volcano and lots of lava. Only one new 
thing here, and that's the repel lava knowledge. You will need it.

Take the first totem. You might want to get rid of the dirt here and dump it 
off somewhere to the left, just to be safe. Block off the smallest lava stream
to your right so you can get over to the repel lava stone. Now, block off the 
stream to the left of the village and head up and take the put out fire 
totem. While up here, you can also work your way around until you're behind
the large volcano crater. You'll find a memory stone here. Wait until this 
totem has the repel lava knowledge (just in case), then use explosive trees 
to re-open the stream. Now block the other stream off, so you can get to the 
jellify water totem. You will need to wait until after the main volcano goes 
off and the area is cleared of lava before you go.

After acquiring that, go get the repel water rock. You will need this, so make
sure all of your totems get it before you capture the last totem. There's a 
source in the lake next to the final totem that you can bury. Clear the water 
out and send some men in once all your other totems have repel water. At this
point, sources start popping up and it will start raining. You might have to 
use jellify water here to keep your most recently acquired totem from being
flooded. After that, the volcano and the rain/sources kind of battle it out 
for control of the land. Make your way to the portal to end this. Getting 100%
vegetation shouldn't be hard, as long as you keep dirt away from the lava. This
is a bit difficult, since the volcano is made up of earth. Use the put out 
fire power everytime the volcano erupts to keep it in check.