From Dust Game Guide

                                   | ===== |
                                   |       |
                                   | Waves |                               [S7]
                                   |       |
                                   | ===== |

There are several interesting things happening in this level. For starters,
there's a portion of the level that regularly moves up and down. It's filled 
with water and a totem, so you'll need to work around this. There are also 
explosive trees now. When they are heated up, they explode, which removes 
everything around them, even rock. Finally, you'll be introduced to the 
amplify breath power. There are also water and fire trees here, though the 
fire trees don't cause nearly as many problem as they did in the last level.
For starters, you can move all of them right at the beginning. Second, you're
in the desert, so the only way to make vegetation grow is by putting water all
over everything.

Take the first totem. This gives you the amplify breath power, which basically
allows you to absorb more matter for a limited time. By this point you should
notice the portion of land moving up and down. The water is coming from some
water plants near the mountain that are continually being set off by fire 
plants. Stick the fire plants away on some rocks to stop this, then use 
amplify breath and remove all of the water. Use the water to help grow some
vegetation. While you're doing this, you can also send some men to take the 
jellify water totem nearby. Once the area is clear of water, send someone to 
get the repel water knowledge.

The second totem gives you the ability to move explosive trees, which you 
don't need yet. Once you've cleared the moving area of water, capture the 
totem inside. Also, send men for the final totem with the put out fire power.
There's a pool of water next to the mountain if you need more. You can also 
pick up a fire plant and move it next to some water plants. Just make sure 
you don't accidentally flood a village. After getting the vegetation part 
done, move some explosive trees onto the rock and then move a fire plant next
to them so that they blow up. You need to clear a path here so that you can 
send men through to the portal.