From Dust Game Guide

                                 | ========= |
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                                 | Wildfires |                             [S6]
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                                 | ========= |

You'll have to deal with fire plants and water plants in this one, as well as
a new totem power: put out fire. The fire plants require you constantly keep 
an eye on your villages. You will also acquire the ability to move your totems.
This is a power that becomes invaluable in later levels, so get acquainted 
with it.

You will see the fire plants at the start of the level. They light up every
so often, setting any surrounding vegetation on fire. You should also notice
some large, quivering plants. These are water plants. When they get next to 
heat, they release a bunch of water. You can move water plants, after capturing
the first totem with the put out fire power, by holding the Left Trigger
to uproot them and then pressing the Right Trigger to plant them elsewhere.
Put these in key spots to stop a fire from getting to your village. Note that
it is possible for these things to eventually wither or succumb to the fire, 
so be ready to act in case they fail. A better way of stopping these trees is
by disconnecting them from any earth/vegetation. Remove the dirt around each 
tree so that it's only on bare rock. It can't catch anything on fire this 
way. Do this for every tree you see. You'll still have to keep an eye on them.
Earth likes to shift and go downhill, and some of it may wind up on a fire 

Send your men to the first totem with the put out fire power. Place water 
plants where you feel they may be necessary, particularly near the top of a 
hill, so that the water can flow down. There are two nearby fire plants, one
on each side of the village. You can remove the dirt around the one by the 
other totems. To disconnect yourself from the other plant, the one by the 
sea, remove the dirt at the top of the hill by your first village. There isn't
a lot here, and you can simply expose the rock beneath it, disconnecting this
area from the area you started in. Now send your men to the jellify water 
totem and acquire it. At this point, you'll be instructed to move the totem 
to an area up the hill. After you move it, send a man to the nearby memory 
rock, and send more men to the next totem with the evaporation power.

Next, send men for the final totem. It's surrounded by fire trees on a rocky 
area that's cut off from the mainland by a pool of water. You'll need to use 
evaporate to drain this pool. This reveals a path near the bottom of the pool
that your men can use to reach the last totem. Capturing this one gives you 
the ability to move fire trees. If they have been giving you problems, feel 
free to stack them all on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Just don't 
remove the ones stopping all of the water from rushing in, or you'll have a 
different problem on your hands. Head for the portal once you've gotten 100%
vegetation to end this level.