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                              | The First Power |                          [S4]
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                              | =============== |

This mission introduces you to totem powers. Capturing a totem with a power 
gives you that power, as long as you have a village built around the totem.
You'll also encounter lava here. You can use it to form mountains, but be 
careful, as it will burn vegetation. You probably won't have to worry about 
this, but when the lava goes downhill and hits the water, it'll solidify. 
After a while, it'll form a bridge connecting the main volcano to your first 
totem. Even if you absorb the dirt (and vegetation) around the totem, you're 
still at risk of being inundated by lava. This takes quite a long time, so 
it's usually a non-issue, but if you want to goof around after capturing all 
the totems, take this into consideration.

Capture the first totem. A tsunami hits you right off the bat. Your first 
village is safe, but the second totem will be covered in some water. To stop
this from happening, you'll need to use the lava from the two volcanoes here.
Scoop it up and lay it down on the wall behind the second totem. When the lava
dries, it forms rock. The lava is infinite, so don't worry about using it up.
Make sure you've shored the wall up enough, then go capture the second totem.
This gives you the power to jellify water. To use this power, press Up on the
D-Pad. For 60 seconds, all the water on the map will become solid.

You probably won't have time to go for the third totem before the tsunami 
strikes again, so just wait a bit. After the tsunami hits and the water dies 
down, send your men to the last totem. You can also send a guy for the repel 
water rock, although you don't really need it at this point. Still, it can't 
hurt. Use the jellify water power and absorb the water between the second and 
third totems. You will expose the riverbed, and the men can cross. You can 
also use this time to absorb the water around the repel water rock, if you sent
a man that way. Once you've captured all the totems, cover the area in 
vegetation. Steer clear of the volcano, as the lava will set grass on fire. 
Send your men for the portal and use jellify water to clear the way.