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                                 | The Ritual |                            [S2]
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This mission introduces you to several concepts, the most important of which
are the totems. These tall structures function as villages, once you send men
to capture them. You must keep these safe at all costs. The only way to open
the end portal is to have a village around each totem. There is no real danger

Build a land bridge to connect your men with the first totem's area. Press A on
the totem to send your men to it. Once they've acquired it, buildings will 
start popping up, along with vegetation. The vegetation will automatically 
spread across all connected earth. After acquiring the second totem, a gauge
appears in the lower left of your screen, indicating how much of the world is
covered in vegetation. Fill this gauge up to get a memory.

The second totem has water around it that you must absorb and dump out into the
sea. You cannot capture totems if there is water or lava too close. Once it's 
clear, send the men to it and make a land bridge for them to get across. When
they capture it, you'll notice that earth also appears. This allows vegetation
to pop up, and soon the entire area will be covered in grass and trees. This 
opens the portal up. Before you mess with that, however, look up the hill from
the second totem. You should see a round patch of earth with a rock in the 
middle of it. Send a man over to that rock. Once he's there, press A to 
retrieve a memory from it.

Chances are you won't be able to completely cover the area with vegetation 
without making use of the large patch of land with water running through it.
The water is coming from a source at the top of the mountain. Sources provide
infinite water, which can be good or bad. In this scenario, it's bad. Use a 
bunch of earth to bury the source. You can then link the earth here with any
other piece of earth covered in vegetation. Nature will do the rest. Once you
have about 75% of the area covered in vegetation, animals will show up. Once
you've got the place entirely covered, you can do whatever you want. You 
already have the memory, and the 100% will stay, so feel free to open the 
source back up again and play around. There's also another source on the 
mountain next to it that's already covered up by earth. Just don't get 
carried away, because it is possible to flood the second totem with all that
water. When you're ready to move on, build a bridge to the area with the 
portal and send the men over.