From Dust Achievements

Amazon (10)
Uproot and replant 100 trees during the game
Exhaling (10)
Create the Breath of the elements
Gauntlet (20)
Complete every challenge
Green Thumb (20)
Cover each territory with vegetation
Hell (10)
Complete the Wildfire territory
Krakatau (10)
Absorb a massive amount of lava during the game
Last Breath (50)
Complete all challenges, all territories, the Memory of the tribe and cover each map with vegetation
Memories found (20)
Complete the Memory of the tribe
Powermonger (10)
Use the powers of the Breath 100 times
Safe journey (10)
Finish the story mode without losing more than 5 villages
Sanctuary (20)
Create a sanctuary for the tribe
The end of our journey (10)
Complete the Movements territory