Forza Motorsport 4 Achievements

Amateur (25)
Complete the first year of Season Play.
Autocrosser (10)
Complete 10 Autocross events without hitting gate cones.
Awesome Drift (20)
Earn a perfect Drift score.
Born Competitor (30)
Post a time in every Rivals mode event.
Bucket List (80)
Finish 1st in every single race in the Event List in Career play mode.
Car Explorer (10)
Fully explore any car in Autovista.
Champion (25)
Complete the ninth year of Season Play.
Clubbed Up (15)
Create or join a Car Club.
Clubman (25)
Complete the second year of Season Play.
Daily Rewards (5)
Visit the Message Center on at least five unique days.
Driver Level 1 (20)
Reach Driver Level 1 in Career mode.
Driver Level 10 (20)
Reach Driver Level 10 in Career mode.
Driver Level 20 (20)
Reach Driver Level 20 in Career mode.
Driver Level 30 (20)
Reach Driver Level 30 in Career mode.
Driver Level 40 (20)
Reach Driver Level 40 in Career mode.
Driver Level 50 (20)
Reach Driver Level 50 in Career mode.
Elite (25)
Complete the eighth year of Season Play.
Entrepreneur (10)
Sell a car tuning, paint job, or vinyl group from your storefront.
Exclusive Taste (50)
Own the five most expensive cars in the game (not including DLC).
Expert (25)
Complete the fifth year of Season Play.
Factory Driver (60)
Get any Car Manufacturer to Affinity level 50.
Ferrari Collector (40)
Own every Ferrari included on Disc 1.
Flat Out (5)
Earn a perfect Speed score.
Forza Faithful (15)
Import a file from Forza Motorsport 3.
Forza World Tourer (60)
Finish a race on every race track in Forza Motorsport 4.
Grease Monkey (10)
Create a car tuning file for your car.
Here's My Card (10)
Create a custom playercard with badges and titles.
Kingpin (5)
Knock down a gold bowling pin in Car Bowling.
Legend (50)
Complete the tenth year of Season Play.
Legendary Battle (15)
Beat a Ferrari 330 P4 in any race while driving a Ford GT40 Mark II.
Look Ma, No Controller! (5)
Use Kinect to drive any car in Free Play.
Masters (25)
Complete the seventh year of Season Play.
My Car is Your Car (10)
Share a car in your garage with your Car Club.
Nice Pass (15)
Earn a perfect Pass score.
On Location (20)
Take a photo of any car in every Home Space.
Outta Time (10)
Reach 88 mph in a DeLorean.
Painter (10)
Create a paint job or vinyl group for your car.
Perfect Turn (15)
Earn a perfect Turn score.
Professional (25)
Complete the sixth year of Season Play.
Rivals Shootout (10)
Race and defeat an opponent in Rivals mode.
Semi-Pro (25)
Complete the fourth year of Season Play.
Show Off (10)
Upload a movie to
Slipstreamin' (5)
Earn a perfect Draft score.
Speed Demon (10)
Reach 240 mph in any car.
Sportsman (25)
Complete the third year of Season Play.
Star in a Reasonably Priced Car (10)
Complete a lap around the TopGear Test Track while driving a KIA cee'd.
Unicorn Hunter (10)
Be the winning bidder on any "unicorn" car in the Auction House.
Welcome to Forza Motorsport (15)
Complete the very first race in the game.